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Assignment 1 – responsive layout

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Critique: Kathrine Clark Sadi Nash Scroll

Although I’m sure many would disagree I like the use of pink in this design. The foundation is based on helping young girls and the font choices and colors represent that demographic. I think you worked well with the scrollarama with the exception of the little glitch towards the end. I also liked the off white strips with texture on them to add interest to the piece and the use of their logo towards the end.


Michelle Tomaski- Assignment 7



Besides Facebook, which I think is all of our favorite site, Pinterest is also one of my favorite sites. I enjoy it because you can literally find just about anything on this site. I enjoy looking through the art section because is inspiring and also has many examples of good (and bad) design. It is almost like a text book for design with many examples of all kinds of design. I think it is very functional and useful in saving things you are interested in. I like that you can pin things to your own boards in categories so they are easy to find when you want to refer back to them. I always find my self looking at interesting art, clothes, makeup, or anything really online. The things I like i usually copy and paste to a sticky note or something on my computer but never remember to refer back to it or can not find it. Pinterest makes it easy to look back at what I found interesting or enjoyable.


Michelle Tomaski- Assignment 6





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Michelle Tomaski Assignment 4

I completely agree with the article Why Designers Should Learn How to Code. With out knowing at least the basics of code designers will have too high of expectations for what their designs can become for the web. Knowing code will allow the designer to know what is possible and how it will look in the end with out having to change the design half way through the process. Also knowing code can speed up the process of creating a site because only one party is working with the design and code. Designers also become much more desirable if they are able to create their own designs with code.

This is my redesign of the web site I was given. I made all the fonts the same and tried to bring more focus to the logo and the name of the hotel because in critique my classmates found the hierarchy confusing.




Michelle Tomaski – Assignment 3

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