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My Game (<<< Must view separately; CANNOT LOAD TO SERVER BECAUSE…I actually don’t know…)


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Provost Desktop

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4 Talent Placement Agencies





These are four randomly selected talent placement agencies and organizations.  The 24seventalent site is my favorite because it breaks down different job types into easily accessible.  For example, there is a section for gamer’s HTML, which is right up my ally.  Artisan talent seems to have a good balance of job-hunting/hiring, which is powerful for both those seeking jobs, and those seeing to hire, so it brings both halves of the process together.  Utalent looks like it sucks pretty bd, honestly.  I wouldn’t trust it’s legitimacy because of the creepy woman on the home page..!  At Links has a very reactive site, with lots to look at and lots to clock on, keeping you engage in you hunt for jobs and talent placement, but it seems one step down from professional, unfortunatley.

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Team mates: Peter Oliveto and Steve Elliot.

The Hotel Zaza logo needs a background in order not to be lost to the textures and the changing imagery on each web page. Here is one REALLY bad example:

Another example of horribleness is in that when you change between Hotel Zaza’s locations, the booking mask flips sides.
Exhibit A: (when you first open the site on google)
Exhibit B: (when you pick a location)

Another example of wretchedness is that every time you click on a new menu, the text slides in, and then a new picture slides in as the backdrop. THat is too much movement–have the images change at the same time as the words when you click on menu items.

More nastyness: Please make the photo galleries easier to view. I don’t want to have to navigate to a new menu, then click “Full Screen” at the bottom of the page every time I want to see a cool pic either, because that is silly.

The obnoxious pattern backdrop behind the photo galleries is not pleasing and doesn’t match the epic, empowering feel I get from my expected experience at this hotel.

The responsive nature of this page is significantly…horrible.
Page in question:

As a final overal critique of this site, this hotel has a very unclear identity. I cannot tell wheat my experience is supposed to be here. Am I going to be treated like a queen? Am I going to have fun? Would I bring my grandmother here? The identity is too mixed and I am not sure what to expect, and I would like to be able to have a firmer reference of how I will feel.

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Melissa Sly_homework11_IsotopeSite

Here is my Isotope Site.

I am critiquing Delaney Rice’s E-Commerce site, which was SUPERB. She redesigned and cleaned up the site for her project. I love how much more readability her version of the site had. I have a hard tim with internet shopping, and I am an avid gamer, so locating games and trying not to get lost in the process while using is stressful to me. Her design opened up the dead space to make room for the most important elements of the page. Also, her interior page design was for a Zelda game (Link Between Worlds), which pleased me. I hope that GameStop headquarters sees how convoluted their site is one day soon–so Delaney can save the day!

Melissa Sly_homework#10_Superscrollorama

Here is a terrible fate

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Melissa Sly_homework#9_ECommercePages + GAME

Here are my EComerce pages:




Here is my game (…maybe).

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PROVOST _ Melissa Sly_ ProvostDesktopFinal


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My 3rd version of the Provost Desktop e-card design.


As for my game.  It is rather lame and simple.  I have a miraculous concept, so what I am showing you is merely a concept that I plan to re-work and improve ten-fold by next class at least.  Criticize it fully and without mercy, and allow me to show you next week better potential with my idea.

Here also are some tutorials that I am closely looking at the fuel my final idea:

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Melissa Sly_homework#7_post

The Full Site:!/


YOU HAVE NOT SEEN A PARALLAX like this one, classmates. I assure you. This parallax site is made to promote the fantastic movie Life of Pi. This site itself is something I aspire to be able to create. It is HIGHLY interactive, and it implements some really nice directional design to move the view along the story of how thing were made from this movie. One of the best things about all this amazing parallaxing is that is is entirely scalable depending on what device you are looking at it on. It is incredible, and I can’t stop looking through it because it engages me so much the whole way though the site. Plus, this movie is pretty incredible itself, so it is nice to se all the behind-the-scene stuffs in such an interactive way. I implore you to watch the movie and check out this parallax site.

And here is my REDO of the desktop gif.

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Melissa Sly_project#6_DesktopProvostLetterGIF

Here is my provost letter desktop gifSly_Project6_ProvostDesktop


Here is my modified theme

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Melissa Sly_homework#5_BlogPost

WILL YOU READ MY POST; you the students of my class, and not just our skilled professor, who might not even read this himself? I’ll have no way of knowing, lest this blog have some sort of comment feature. I do not blog enough to know how it works. I am an e-mails person, personally. My point might be that blogging, from my perspective, seems quite pointless really.

But mine also might be the perspective of an uneducated and silly girl who is not versed in social media as she should be in this day and age.

This article raised an interesting point about the main mission of parents while my generation was growing up: to read read read and read. I was not a strong speller growing up. Still am not, as you can prolly tell. My parents assumed reading everything I could get my hands on would help me to grow as a speller, when in reality, writing would have been far more effective. To feel the words come off my pencil tip instead of glazing over things with my eyes. Ah well. I am 20 now, and I still can hardly spell. Glad Google Chrome alerts me to misspellings. Perhaps I am not alone if it is a major feature to the browser.

The numbers crunched on the amount of words we purge from our brains onto the internets was staggeringly…small. I know people GLUED to the internets. I wonder if they ever get up and pee. Or sleep? With creation and free space to rant about: how our mothers won’t let us go the parties; how our cats are the cutest things EVER; how the world is always against us–I’d think the numbers would be higher, if not evermore filled with pointless reading material.

And my contributions to this number of words generated daily are infintesimally iotic. That is to say, my contributions are so small, that even if I make up words, who will read them? Or remember what I contributed in the next five minutes? I have no influence with my words, seeing as my internet presence is a mere shadow, if that. Lucky Mrs. Okolloh was lucky to have avid followers and the chance that her blog was the stand-alone opportunity for a time to update to public on Kenyan affairs. Luck, in this case, has everything to do with it; fame upon these vast seas of the internets.

I might be glad if you have taken the time to read this.

Or I might be a wishfully thinking pansy. Then I might be so “lucky.”

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Melissa Sly_homework#5_ParallaxPage+Sprite

My Parallax Page.

My Sprite.

My desk object GIF is posted here too.PencilAnimation


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Melissa Sly_homework#4_IdeasOfWinter

Sly_Project4_IdeasOfWinterSMALLERVERSIONHere is a visual layout of my feelings about Winter. There are strong images I identify with personally, and then there are words/typefaces/colors of typefaces I feel belong to Winter.

Melissa Sly_ Homework#4 _ Interior Page

Here is my interior page design.WebLayout_InteriorPage copy

Melissa Sly_Homework#4_Webpage Re-do

WebLayout_Idea1 copyHere are my hotel homepage re-do.

Melissa Sly_InteractiveMediaSite

THIS SITE IS EXTRAORDINARY FUN to kill time and receive a great prize at the end. When you first go into the site for the first time, the imp Midna offers to direct you, which I highly recommend, if yo aren’t familiar with the Zelda game”Twilight Princess.” This site was designed to be a promotional site for the game when it came out. It is highly interactive. he overall mission is to collect the Tears of Light while navigating the site’s pages and watch videos and the like. You learn a lot about the game, and you must keep an eye out for the shiny light blue orbs–the Tears of Light–which you click on to collect them in your Tears of Light counter on the left-hand side.

I ADORE how fluidly the animations are in this site, how the things you click on will swipe around, and the roll-overs on the concept art pages for meeting the game characters. The use of sound effects is gentle and adds to the interactivity of the site. Also, the fact design of the site as a while is curiously amazing. Yes, I am learning about the game, but I am forced to learn about keep things where I hope to find another tear of light. the prospect of a secret prize in the end keeps me staying in the site to find all the Tears of Light to get the prize in the end, which is really good design and engaging interaction with the audience. Hope anyone who reads this post will check out the site and have as much fun as I always do collecting the tears of light and enjoying the design of the pages!

Melissa Sly_homework3

WebLayout_Idea1 copyHere is my homework #3

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Melissa Sly_1000 fans post

TO HAVE JUST ONE FAN seems like enough to me. The logic that the author brings to light makes sense to me, even though I am not a math person. I have never had any true fans for my art before; the occasional temporary fan at a show who wanted to buy a copy of a piece I did, or the occasional complement from someone who walks into my dorm room and sees my art mounted in my room. It must be a special thing, to have some one set up alerts for your updates to your work, to drive miles to see your stuff and your talents, and all of those fanatic actions. This article makes me wonder if that is something I want.

Fame is mischievously attractive.

To have /dedicated/ fans seems like a nice thing for an artist as myself. A healthy dedication to something you appreciate seems like an all-around good for the admirer and the admired. That, in the form of 1,000 fans, sounds like a good deal to me, and I do hope to achieve that one day, if I am so lucky.

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Homework #2

Here is my homework2.

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Worth 1000 Post

I enjoy being asked as an assignment to surf image galleries.

I had a good deal of fun with this assignment, therefore.

Here are just a few images I liked, and a bit of a crit about why:

1. “Leviathan IV

This one reminded e right away of the movie Sucker Punch, for some reason, like the second time that Baby Doll goes into her “dream-mode” thing she does. I enjoy that semi-apocolyptic atmosphere seen in this piece.

2. “Zeppelins and Blimps3″

I am focusing in Game Design, and this one scremed Bioshock (the game) to me, so I like it for that similarity. It has that start red and golden green color contrast, like most items and things in the game Bioshock. Also, the zeppelin itself looks kinda like a Big Daddy, which I thought was neat.

3. “X-Ray Vision 8″

I enjoy colorful sea creatures, like all the really cool tropical fish out there, and x-rays are just in and of themselves fascinating because YOU CAN SEE INSIDE YOURSELF WITHOUT CUTTING YOURSELF OPEN. That’s kinda cool! Put color fishies and the powr of an x-ray together, and you achieve a neat image like this one. I think the composition is clever, with the three sea creatures each entering the x-ray filed to make a kind of triangle.

4. “Ice man and the Frosty Robot”

One of my favorite color combos is Cya with Charcoal grey. This image has that appealing color scheme, and I also adore robots. I couldn’t even begin to tell you why, as I do not know any robots, nor did i grow up with robots. They are fascinating to me nonetheless, so this image I found cool.

5. “Where are my Pants?”

Ha. Ha! Connor the Assassin. Without his pants. HA!!! So, this one stuck my liking because it is a game-image and I love games. Also, hot guy without his pants. Come on!

6. “Surreal Sports 9″

I am a sucker for the bizarre. Ask all my closest friends, and they can tell you! This image is as bizzare as it gets, and it looks almost like we are seeing the middle of a story that we know nothing about, which i like, because I can fill in the blanks on my own and be creative with the story on my own instead of being told how to. The contrast of the white robes and white bones makes this piece feel ghostly, which is attractive to me as a concept within the piece.

7. “Robodorks 6″

Its another robot! And he is so expressive and cute! I love that about this piece! The realism of the metal is eye-catching too!

8. “Roboorks 6 (2)”

Ahhh! So cute, another robot! This piece makes use of lighting really effectively, which also adds to the mood, and it makes the robot look even cuter, yay!

9. “Robodorks 3″

Guys. GUYS. It’s a gentleman robot! LOOK AT HIM! I like that the designer used a clock face as the face, which denotes a sence of punctuality to this ‘bot, and somehow a sense of timeless wisdom.

I think I will find this worth 1000 site to be a new hobby to look through…

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