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Cool website/plug-in called GimmeBar. It let’s you drag images, tweets, gifs and the like to save in your own profile on the gimmebar website. It also lets you create categories and filters for easy organization and sharing. It’s sort of like a blog but without all the pompousness.

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Homework Assignment #10


My Supersized Jquery post


Supersized class work




Supersized Fade Example

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Assignment 5 + 6

This is assignment #5 and 6  [still unfinished]





Assignment 6 Blog Post

I found this reading very interesting. The author presents a good point in his discovery of values that can be attached to moniker of ‘free’ This reading is especially pertinent in an age where so much is available to us in return for so little. Case in point, the biggest thing holding me back from unlimited and constant music downloads is the space available on my hard drive. So why, or how, would or should I pay for music? The answers are embedded in Kelly’s essay. Although I had never attached a name to it, I’ve found that much of his nomenclature holds true in my daily life. Buying records, going to concerts, paying for live recordings– all of these phenomena can be chalked up to terms as defined by Kevin Kelly.

Assignment #3

Infographic about some musical encounters this weekend.


Thanks for the help on the upload, Jen!






Worth 1000 Blog Response

I didn’t look through all the contests on here (trying real hard not to get too distracted from our other assignment), but one I did enjoy was the “Celebrity Aptronyms.” 

Firstly, I didn’t know what an ‘aptronym’ was, so it’s always nice to learn something new, haha. But in general I thought these we all pretty creative and funny (albeit some poor photoshopping…). My personal favorites include: Tony Hawk the Falconer, Norton Antivirus, Will Black Smith and Sarah Jessica Parkour.

Good stuff.



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Assignment #2

This isn’t the actual assignment. I deleted all my adobe programs right before class so I couldn’t finish it [feel free to poke fun]. And also the link is really messed up for some reason. Sorry everyone.

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Homework Assignment # 1

Class 9/7

I thought class last Wednesday was enjoyable overall. It was cool to get the perspective and support from working professionals who aren’t actually teachers. I also thought the j-querry thing was cool and definitely something I’ll use in the future. That being said, I think the guests speakers are not teachers for a reason and seemed a bit hesitant to really critique everyone’s work and instead just sort of liked everything. However, that’s just me knit-picking considering I generally would consider the time spent useful.

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Homework Assignment # 1

Blog Post # 1


Hi everybody. My name is Marco Baccellieri, I’m a senior Graphic Design major here at Towson. Like all of you, I’m enrolled in ART 363 ‘Interactive Media’ [obviously]. In taking this course, I’d like to develop my own skills as a graphic designer and computer coder in hopes to become proficient at the art of digital and web design. I think web development and digital design is a really important skill to have in today’s job market and will be very lucrative in the future; not to mention that I love design and just think it’s really cool.


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