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Blog #12

So this entry will be dedicated to the Senior Project Show that I am in. The gallery opening event is this friday and I cannot wait for it to be over. The show has basically been run by students since two teachers got us the space to use. This was the worst idea in history. Students do not know how to properly and professionally run a show like this. There have been threatening emails sent out to people saying that they wouldn’t get to display their work unless they came to help setup and other rude comments. There was a set team of people who were supposed to install the work….if they can’t handle the load they shouldn’t have signed up for the team.

All in all it has been a very frustrating week and I hope that it ends better than it has begun. I cannot stand ecentric artsy hipsters who think their crappy work is the shit.

Blog #11

I will critique Elizabeth Owens Gamesalad game called Lizzie’s Bubble Breakdown.


It is basically a copy of a classic arkanoid game from back in the 80′s. Overall the colors work really well together and the slider bar at the bottom moves just as quick as the mouse which is great for ease of play. My two criques are that the gravity gets a little wonky when the ball hits the side wall and goes directly sideways across the screen. The other is that the score doesn’t reset if you lose the ball and miss it with the paddle. Other than that it is just as addicting as I remember games of the similar style back when I played them when I was little.

Blog #10

It seems that the new trend in technology rumors at least for phones is having an “edge-to-edge” screen. Meaning that the phone would have almost no bevel to the sides of it while looking straight at the screen. The concept images that I have seen are gorgeous, it is a shame that this has not been designed yet by a manufacturer. The other idea that I would absolutely love to see come to fruition is a transparent screen for a phone. Much like what is seen on Iron Man 2 used by Tony Stark the phone would be heavily reliant upon gesture control and perhaps even voice control. I think that is in the near future as Lg came out with a slider phone years ago that had a transparent numpad and it allowed pinch to zoom gestures as well as tap to close, why they didn’t expand upon that tech I have no idea.

Blog #9

The site http://www.dl-integrateur-web.com/ uses spritely in a great way! It is simple and adds just a touch of uniqueness to the site to create a more visually appealing experience for the viewer. It isn’t overdone or cheesy it simply adds a little something to keep the background moving. Brilliant use of a simple jquery plugin

Blog #8

The mechanical reproduction of art does indeed change the reaction of the masses toward art. They get their taste of what art is through the computer or tv and not right in front of them. It almost cheapens the insane skill that goes into some creations. Although this also makes so that “new” art or new styles that are not common become even more frowned upon by the general public because it is not what they are used to seeing. For some reason people always reject what they don’t already have a preset response to. Reproduction of the mona lisa painting as a picture online has almost made it so no one would really like to go see the true painting because in their mind they have already seen it and up close wouldn’t change what they see. But in reality the brush strokes and the clear work that is put into a piece of art particularly painting show that someone was taking their time and truly was a master of their craft.

Blog #7

An object near me that is particularly well designed is my HDMI Input switcher. It is used for switching between my computer and PS3 as to what is displayed on my monitor. Overall it isn’t fancy or overly complicated, a very simple black aluminum casing with two buttons in the front that switch between input 1 and 2. The back simply shows the 3 hdmi cables that are connected to it from the monitor, computer, and PS3. Bits of it at the top, bottom, and sides are textured to add a slight grip to it when holding it as so it doesn’t slip from your hands and on the bottom it also has 4 rubber feet so that it doesn’t slide off my desk. This thing is extremely useful to me and I use it almost every single day.

Blog #6

“When copioes are free, you need to sell things which can not be copied.”

I agree with most of what this article says however these days there are two kinds of people, those who want genuine and those who will take a copy. I see this to be especially true within the world of technology. While to some people want that brand name that they know and trust with the genuine original product, others want the cheaper off brand that has made a copy of that other original product and it works pretty much the same. These eight things listed that are better than free are extremely true in every way of selling things. With computer games people will pay full price to download a digital copy of a game so that they can have it right away (or as fast as they can download it) where as they could’ve spent $10 less and bought the actual copy at the store or from an online store and had it shipped. Immediacy drives commerce today I think, everything has to be here yesterday.

Blog #5

My favorite places to travel…I don’t really think I have an absolute favorite. Most people I’m sure would say something like into the mountains or on the beaches. I like both of those places very much, I think just so long as it is a relaxing location I’m set. However there is one specific location that I’ve always wanted to travel to and that is Ireland. I think the massive green rolling hills and of course the Guinness would easily keep me occupied for days on end and be a very relaxing spot to travel.

Blog #4

I really like this flash site called monoface They basically just let you pick between a set of preset faces and you can tweak the eyes, nose, mouth and then the overall head/shoulders of the individual. It is very entertaining to see the various combinations that you can design.

Blog #3

Having 1000 true fans I’m sure would easily supply someones income throughout the years. But what happens when they stop liking your new stuff because it doesn’t have the same vibe as the old. I say you should strive for absolute greatness at all times because 1000 people change their minds very quickly and haphazardly these days. Be grateful for what you get but always go for more.

Blog #2

On the Worth 1000 Photoshop images I really liked the Robot Clock and the Cutting iBoard

I’ve always been a fan of robotic things and this photoshop of clocks made into a robot looks really good and super sci-fi movie quality.


The cutting iBoard I also really like mainly because I dislike apple products and I think a cutting board would make the iPad finally a useful piece of technology. But I’m bias so I’m sure it does something else meaningful.

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Homework #12

Here is a link to the app file, if another way is needed I can just pull it up on my phone.





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Homework #5

So here is my unexpected lion thing. As well as this is my updated homework #4 since last week I only had it partially done.