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Blog Post – Assignment 13 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

So, I’m supposed to “complain” about how stressed I am and how difficult my life is right now? Man, the subject for this blog is slightly sarcastic. I previously posted my thoughts on the next couple weeks, finals, and graduating, but I don’t really consider that complaining. Honestly, compared to other people in the world I probably shouldn’t be complaining about anything right now. My life isn’t difficult right now, but the 2 weeks before finals is pretty chaotic. That’s the life of a college student right? You would think we would get used to it after a couple years of being in college. No matter how much work I have on my plate, I always tell myself it will get done eventually. I’m sure a majority of us feels like we are more productive under pressure. I think this is true. Every one of us procrastinates to an extent. If you say you don’t, then you’re just fooling yourself. This semester was weird, but I say that about every semester. I just felt like I always had so much to do and never really realized how much time I had. I wasted a lot of time this semester and I’m not sure why. One class down and 4 more to go! I’m looking forward to winter break. I plan on having a very productive break with working on building a website for my work, creating business cards, and a Facebook page. I finally feel comfortable in branding my name and showing the work I’ve developed the past 3 years.

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Snowman attack!


Blog Post – Assignment 12 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

2.5 more weeks left of this semester and my To-Do List is never ending.

Brain is fried.

I need sleep.

Oh, this Game Salad project has got me frustrated. I hope I can figure it out.


Assignment 12 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Tile Gallery of my photo work:



Blog Post – Assignment 10 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Here are some random thoughts. This semester has flown by and I honestly don’t know where the time went. And to think, I’m graduating college this coming Spring. The fact that I am so close to graduating is absolutely crazy and it hasn’t hit me yet. There’s so many things running through me head and it’s already difficult enough to make time to study and do the work I have for this semester. Thinking about my plans after graduation is quite overwhelming. It’s all about options, options, options. People keep asking me what I want to do after I graduate and all I keep saying is, “I’m just keeping my options open.” I never limit myself when it comes down to something I want to do or achieve. Even though I’ll be a college graduate, I want to continue to do big things for myself and keep myself busy in whatever I decide to do. So many emotions going through me and all I want is to get through it and reach the goal of success. I am nervous, stressed, anxious, and tired…etc. After all of this, maybe I’ll just sleep for a very long time. Yeah right, I wish.

Blog Post – Class 11 – Critique

In this blog post I will be critiquing Jonathan Kwak’s redesign of our class website for class 10 assignment.

The color palette of you redesign for very simple and clean. The colors are easy on the eyes. Even though it’s unfinished, I understand your direction and ideas with the navigation. I completely understand your choice of organizing the videos in it’s own slide. There is a bunch of videos to view and I think this is a good choice to keep them in one area.  We usually start the class with watching a few videos and I think having the video slide first and easy to view is a great idea. And using the similar idea of slides for assignments and class information is smart. It’s keeping the home page consistent and easy to navigate.

Overall good job! I’m sure it will turn out after you are finished.

Assignment 10 – Kristabelle DelaCruz


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Blog Post – Assignment 9 – Kristabelle DelaCruz


I found this parallax site searching through google. Krystal Rae is a fashion designer based in New York City. She mostly creates designs with “daring patterns.” I was automatically attracted to website by it’s clean look with the black and white theme. I am a huge fan of clean, classy looking websites. Since she designs daring/bold clothing, the idea of using a neon colored animal print for her name shows her style and it balances out the black and white theme of the website. The navigation is easy to find and straight forward. I enjoy the contrast between the font size throughout the site. The site was designed to focus on certain things. For example, at the bottom of the page gives the audience a sneak peak to her collection by using parallax in a very creative way. As you scroll it changes the models outfit. This is an amazing idea! Gives her clients a taste of her style and design. Looking through her collections, I noticed she changes the design for each collection page based on the collection’s style. Some of the color choices are very harsh on the eyes, but she does create bold designs. Overall, I enjoyed going through this website and getting to know the designer.

Assignment 9 – Kristabelle DelaCruz


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Blog Post – Assignment 7 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

An object that I find particularly beautiful, interesting, and well designed in my room would probably be this original painting a close family friend painted that is based on my brother’s personality and interests. It was given to my brother and then he gave it to me to have while I’m away for school. My friend’s paintings are very abstract and she enjoys working with a lot of color. All of her paintings have a lot of personality/character. This painting of my brother is titled, “Dare: Create.” It’s based on my brother’s interests, like, playing music, listening to music, and creating art. Most of my friend’s paintings are very chaotic. “Dare: Create” has mostly warm colors with cool grey background color. The frame that surrounds the canvas is a worn out wood, which gives it more character. I have a lot of different objects in my room that have a different meaning to me, but this painting is unique compared to everything else.

Assignment 6 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Re-creation of The Quincy

Home Page:


Photo Gallery Page:


Internal Page:


Blog Post – Assignment 6 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

The “Better Than Free” reading by Kevin Kelley was an interesting read. There are a lot of different things most people don’t really consider and Kelley did a great job pointing out those certain points. The idea of the internet being a “copy machine” is a good way to describe how the internet works. So many things are copied on the internet and people aren’t really aware of how freely this happens. Once something is on the internet and even if you delete it, it will never be deleted officially. Ideas are constantly copied, images are stolen, etc. Kelley goes over what can’t be copied and describes/explains why they are important. He related his points to the quality of “trust.” Kelley says,  ”Trust cannot be copied. You can’t purchase it. Trust must be earned, over time. It cannot be downloaded. Or faked. Or counterfeited (at least for long).” The eight “uncopyable values” he calls “generatives” are qualities that he considers to be unique and are “better than free.” (Immediacy, personalization, interpretation, authenticity, accessibility, embodiment, patronage, and findability) These generatives are all important in their own way. I enjoyed reading Kelley’s perspectives with each generative and the different scenarios he mentioned. I agree with the statements where he explains what he considers to be free and what exactly is valuable. I think that everyone will have their own opinion when it comes to this subject of what is valuable, especially with artists and their work, and the digital world.

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Quincy Hotel in Washington, D.C.

(In progress)


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Royal Slider: My Autumn Favorites


Blog Post – Assignment 5 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Traveling has definitely been number one on my list of to-dos. So far in my lifetime I’ve only been on the East coast for the most part. I’ve been to New York City, Florida, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, etc. Recently, I made a trip to the mid-west to Indiana. And next month I’ll be going to North Carolina for the first time.

Visiting the West coast is definitely a must in my book. I just want to see what the West coast is all about. Next year, I plan on making trips to Connecticut and hopefully Las Vegas. My best friend has recently moved to Connecticut for her job and I’d love to visit. Las Vegas has always been on my list of places to visit. My mother and brother both have gone and they’ve told me it’s worth it. Plus, I hear it’s a good time!

My brother and I are graduating at the same time and our mother has offered us to choose a destination for our graduation present. I’ve always wanted to go back home to the Philippines, but my mom has me convinced that I could go back anytime and I should pick somewhere absolutely different. Our number choice would be Australia, but we hear it’s quite expensive to go there. That is definitely our goal for this coming summer is to make a trip to Australia. That would be a ideal for the both of us! I’m glad that we will be able to travel together.

After Australia, I would also like to travel to Europe and Asia! Tokyo, Japan is definitely number 2 on my list of place to travel too.

I’m all about trying new things and seeing new places.

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Re-creation of Museum of Me

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Assignment 2 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

interactivemedia.seancohen.com/fa2012/delacruz_kristabelle/assignment 2/index.html


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