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How much work:


I got so much work to do in other classes that my mind…MY MIND!!…goes into a stupor of derp,. which in turn makes my life suck when it comes to final projects. So basically I am losing my mind trying to complete…6 projects. WAH

Assignment 12 Kelsey Cunningham



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Assignment 11 Kelsey Cunningham



I wasn’t sure how to upload this game, so here is a zip file of it.

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Cunningham Kelsey Assignment 10



uh yeah…

Kelsey Cunningham Assignment 9

Assignment 9: Modern Slide



Kelsey Cunningham Assignment 8



Was kind of late posting this. Sorry.

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Kelsey Cunningham Assignment 7

Towson Website Re-Design



Something beautiful in my room eh? What about a riddle/game? I describe and you figure it out. It has two eyes, two legs, two arms, a mouth but no nose. It’s always happy but cannot speak. If it was real you would put it into food. It’s soft, small and fuzzy, and it’s name begins with a T and ends with a D but shouldn’t be confused with the slimy one. There are many like it, but this one is mine. And finally it is over shadowed by a fat man that beats up turtles in the main stream. What is it?

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Kelsey Cunningham Assignment 6




Better Than Free:


This article yells one of my closet friends name, even screams it. My buddy, since junior high until maybe now, got all his digital stuff for free. Where it be games or software, he got it for free. How did he exactly? He waited…and waited…and waited until said software was old and had better version out. Either that or he would just bootleg it. Movies, songs, you name it. The quality was horrible of course, but that didn’t matter to him. As long as he can save some money he was fine. As for me, I am the exact opposite. I feel good paying some cash for nice quality product as soon as it hits the shelf. Why? Because it feels I am lending a helping hand , financially, to those who spent hours/days or years making it …and also appreciative. Also the quality is good, that’s a perk.

Kelsey Cunningham – Assignment 5

Site: http://interactivemedia.seancohen.com/fa2012/cunningham_kelsey/assignment5/assignment5.jpg


As for vacations…I am in dire need of a vacation. I haven’t had a proper vacation since I was like 16…I am in my early 20′s now.  :(

Assignment 4 – Kelsey Cunningham

One of my old favorite multimedia sites is most definitely www.newgrounds.com. It’s a part of my childhood in a way. Everything is mostly flash animated; from games to videos created and published by anyone with the skill and talent.


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Assignment 3 Kelsey Cunningham



A thousand fans isn’t hard to achieve; a thousand TRUE fans, however, is different. To what Kevin Kelly defines as a true fan, is almost like a close friend or sibling, someone who cares enough about you that they check the latest news about you, pre-order your works and write blogs about you. So the real question is, can you add 1,000 to the family? If so, how will you stay in contact with them? Obviously as a student, I don’t have 1,000 fans; I mean let’s be realistic here.  Let’s talk fictional and say I do have that many “true” fans right now, how would I manage it? Well first off, I am not the type of person that likes criticism or feedback in personal terms, meaning face to face. In my mind of insanity, I believe those who give a critique to just give a critique or are force to give a critique really don’t give two sh*t’s about your work, unless you know them on a personal level. However, impersonal critiques can be quite different. Why? Let’s say I created a forum on my website and in that forum you can say anything you want. Those who actually take the time and effort to make an account and then post their feelings about your work on your forum, nine times out of ten care about your work and want to see some improvement. (Because who would waste their time if they didn’t care?). The other 1 percent are most likely haters, and most haters hate on people because they are envious of you. So how would I manage those true fans?  Obviously through online forums, blogs and maybe emails…which is a big maybe. I wouldn’t want someone managing my fans just on the simple fact I would be happy to have them. 1,000 true fans? I mean come on.

What is a hypertext?

Isn’t a hypertext just text that links to another website. Like THIS!?

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Kelsey Cunningham Lion Slide/1000 Images Homework

[gdl_gallery title="1000 Worth" width="IMAGE_SRC" height="IMAGE_HEIGHT" ]
Finally I figured out how to post images. Alright here are my favorites…along with my site.


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Class 2 – Kelsey Cunningham


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Kelsey Cunningham Assignment 1

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