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10+11 super post (this has the random blog post, and the critique of someone else’s work).

Homework 7

Homework 4


Homework 10+11 super post

Well there’s a lot that I missed, but here’s a super post with everything!

Firstly, here’s my scrollarama.

It isn’t about winter break but I figured, it’s way more upbeat if it isn’t.

For the random blog, I’ll talk about all the rap music I downloaded this week. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day, I found a mother-load of 90′s rap music – Outkast, Run DMC, the good Lil Wayne rap, you name it – this guys had it all, compressed into a zip file, ready for download. I couldn’t imagine why I’d want 697 songs worth of this stuff, but for some reason I found myself deciding that I would stay up later to download it – I mean it was already 3AM, what’s another hour? Overflowing with the glee of containing more rap music than I will ever play on my itunes library, I waited approximately 30 minutes for the glory that is is this zip file. I impatiently kept checking it, while re-watching the first season of American Horror Story (I mean, who wouldn’t want to re-watch the weirdness that Ryan Murphy dragged from the dredges of his mind?). Anyways, the allotted 30 minutes was up; I had it all. Names I’ve never heard of, songs I would never listen to, and a couple of new favorite rap artists later, I decided to sleep at 4 AM. Shout out to the person that complied all of this stuff.

Second order of business is my isotope.

It’s not done yet, but it’s gonna be filled with cute dogs and other adorable creatures.

Anyways, to critique somebody’s work from last week, I’m going to tackle Rachel’s packing for break Scrollarama. Everything is pretty straight forward – it’s neat, clean, and well organized. The only thing I would take a second look at is how I can’t seem to move past that pink dress, I just keep getting bumped back up. Other than that, nice job!!

Homework 9

Here’s the first page

and here’s the second page

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Super Awesome Game

Hey here’s this awesome game

Homework 7

Here’s my provost thing


It doesn’t really need a screenshot because it changes every week or so, but this is the website I constantly go back to. Not just because the clothing there is exorbitantly expensive and I can only pine away at my lack of personal funds, but for how fresh the website is every time I go back. Everything is interesting, and I never tire scrolling through their parallax, or exploring the many trinkets and various clothing lines – that’s just a testament to how well this website is designed.

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Homework 6

Here is my flash

here is the other thing

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Homework 5

Here’s a paralax.

A kewl animation

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Homework 4

Oh look it’s some homework from last week that is revised

and a link to the second part. 


Why do I like this website? It’s one one my favorite games, so already I’m biased. The way the audience is prompted to interact with the website in the beginning is interesting, and the pamphlets for each area of the game adds more depth to the information provided. Videos, backgrounds and textures are interesting, and the color scheme is pleasing to the eye. I’m not prompted to click and buy into every aspect of the game because Irrational Games already has it’s claws in me.]

Here’s a moodboard.

Homework 3

Here’s some homework

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Homework 2

Homework yay

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this is my homework

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Homework 1

here’s the homework

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