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Kevin Beach: Blog#12: Internship

I just got an internship for the summer at “Adventure Web Productions,” a web design company in Baltimore.  This is pretty funny considering I’m pretty terrible when it comes to code.  However it’s something I deffinitly want to be better at so why not work at it all summer?

The Interview:

him: “Are you familiar with css?”

me: “uh, yes i believe so.”

him: “Do you use tables or divs?”

me: “..divs as in Div Tags?”

him: “Yes.”

me: “um divs?”

him: “Have you ever used JQuery?”

me: “Yes! I’ve done something that sounds like that in my interactive media class!”

him: “.. Great well it seems like you know enough about design and we can help you with everything.”

Needless to say I have my work cut out for me over the summer. I’m excited to learn more about code, I just hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew.

Kevin Beach: Ken Burns: Assignment 1

Ken Burns JQuery

Kevin Beach: Assignment 9 (possibly the worst)


Kevin Beach: Assignment 12

It works, I promise



Kevin Beach: Blog #11: Critique


This is the wackiest/most trippy/disturbing animation I’ve seen in the class the whole semester but it makes me laugh. The animation portrays the song in a positive way and I feel that if the rocket man stepped out with a mountain dew in his hand it could be a commercial.

so if I could change anything i would give the man a hand. For some reason that bothers me the most out of all of the events in the animation. Good work though, that would take me 10 years.

Kevin Beach: Blog #10: Identity Theft

Last week I was a victim of identity theft. My bank called me to inquire about 12 charges to itunes that put my account in deficit. My account isn’t even set up to my itunes so obviously it was not me making these charges. I still had my card so we decided that someone or some thing had my account information and was making reckless charges to itunes. My account was immediatly locked and the bank has been refunding the charges. Thankfully bank fraud is easily taken care of in the 21st century or i could be out of a lot of cash.

Kevin Beach: Assignment 11


Kevin Beach: spritely blog



This is a compleatly interactive site that uses spritely. The site is based around a penguine who can reel in a part of the site that you click on. It has a witty and fun vibe to it that is undoubtedly due to the spritely animation. John Hickley is able to show off his own skill while you visit his site.

Kevin Beach: Walter Benjamin Blog

Walter Benjamin had a genuine negative opinion on the mechanical reproduction of art because he believed that it took away from the sincerity of the original piece. When art is reproduced endlessly the entire pubic can have it or view it for little to no cost. This doesnt take from the original art, but gives the original more authenticity. Art isn’t necessarily something that only a few have the right to experience. Mechanical reproduction allows for the general public to have a taste of what once only the rich and important could experience. The “sacred” in the art is not diminished, just capable of being viewed by many instead of a select few.

Kevin Beach: Assignment 10


Kevin Beach: object blog

One object in my room I find particularly beautiful is the glass centerpiece I took from my brother’s wedding.  It is a solid piece of slightly transparent blue glass with green streaks running through it.  The glass starts in a spiral and rises up in a wavy motion that gives it the resemblance of a flame.  It’s about 16 inches tall and six inches wide.  I keep it on my windowsill so that it’s vibrant colors can light up when the sunlight comes in.

Kevin Beach: Assignment 8 (worst)

Music Video

Kevin Beach: Assignment 7

Music Video

Kevin Beach: Better than free

In his article, Kevin Kelly addresses the internet’s remarkable ability to copy work and provide it for free.  In order to still make money he advises selling things that cannot be copied.  His “Eight Generatives Better Than Free” include Immediacy, Personalization, Interpretation, Authenticity, Accessibility, Embodiment, Patronage, and Findability.  According to Kelly, if you can sell these things along with your copies, you can still manage a valuable business.

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Kevin Beach: Travel

Favorite Places To Travel:

My favorite places to travel are mountainous regions.  During the winter I love to get away and go snowboarding as often as I can.  Places such as Tremblant, Canada, Deep Creek Lake, or Bryce, Virginia.  Traveling to places like this lets me relax and break away from the city/suburb atmosphere.  I’ve loved mountains since I was I little kid, and they are still play a major factor when I plan a vacation.

I also love to travel to Pittsburgh, where my girlfriend goes to school or Virginia Beach, where my brother lives.

Kevin Beach: Blog: Media Website


Addicting Games has saved me from boredom ever since i learned how to use the internet.  Packed with as many random games you could think of, there is no way you could get through them all.  The site breaks the different games into categoreis which makes it easy to navigate and find games tailored to your taste.  Next time your just killing time, check it out.

Kevin Beach: Assignment 4


so yeah, i had huge problems with the joints and sound. Flash kept telling me that my sounds were conflicting or something.

so here you have a silent lion who can only move at his shoulder joints, enjoy.