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Blog #3 1000 true fans

If i had 1000 true fans…. hrmm.. that would be awesome. I would probably be inspired and feel great and want to make more art for them to BUY!!! I would use social networks like, artst.com, twitter, instagram, and tumblr to keep in touch with them. NOT FACEBOOK. facebook group pages always bore me, and feel useless. i do understand the difference between dircet and indirect fans, however i feel like i woudld be able to handle them. My personality is different, but if you take the time to know and like me, then you would know im upfront and if you were my friend you woudln’t get in your feelings if im rude or standoff-ish. It would be a win win situation.

Homework Assignment.. who knows? i think 12 maybe

Here is a website im working on in dreamweaver. I used illustrator to make the images. Its not finished so its not online but here are screenshots of the layouts. and all the images in the galleries i plan on using shadow box for, but i cant seem to figure it out. paintings/watercolorspaintings/watercolorsDigital Art

Contact Info

blog post 12

so. I am very stressed out this week. My apartment lease automatically renewed. i knew this in the back of my mind but with everything else going on i sent in my letter past the deadline. Now i am stuck trying to find someone to take over my lease for another year. >:o and its all my fault. To make matters worse. I was only a few days past deadline but they do not care. So aside from all this school work. I have to find some one to take over my lease and then get approval and move out and finish school and graduate all before the 25th of may. This is alot for my brain to manage at one time and its driving me CRAZYYYYYY

With that being said i have found a list of things that should help relieve stress in your home and at work

1. Breathe, when you feel tense, take 10 slow, deep breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth.

2. Touch, hug someone, hold hands, stroke a pet, make non-sexual physical contact with people, brush your hair.

3. Communicate, be honest with your Self and others. Ask for what you want. Express your true feelings when they occur.

4. Drink at least eight, 8 oz. glasses of good water a day. This flushes toxins out of our body.

5. See the humor in life. Laugh at your self and life. Have fun and “play” at life.

6. Meditation 15 minutes a day. Take time to relax, sit, breathe deeply, quiet your mind. Record In-sights and dreams in a journal.

7. Be Human. Let up on yourself. Forgive your self and others. Slow down and enjoy being alive.

8. Communicate with friends. Spend time with each other. Share the good stuff.

9. Hug three people each day. Relax and enjoy the feeling of

10. Quit worrying about the Future. Concentrate on what you can do NOW.

Blost post 11

I am critiquing Jessie Halls assignment 3, the whole anxious square and angry triangle. I really like hers because it followed all the criteria even though it was very simple. It is easy to read that the triangle is scared and the square of course gets angry. I also like how the image stays put and only the objects move,but yet when he drops the paddle into the water it really looks as if it disappears versus loosing opacity. To make tis animation better it could be nice if the water had a slight ripple. and if the characters were worked on a little bit more. Also of course adding maybe the boat floating in could better enhance it. However, with out anything added it is easy to tell what is going on in this scene

homework 1 redo

i animated the first weeks assignment

Hello Purr

i followed the tutorial, it was fine up until i had to test it. I could not figure out where the “New emulator” was located. I figure that everything is correct up until that part. I added an image of myself and instead of a meow sound i added a kissy sound. Above are some screen shots of it.

Homework 11. Alternate Assignment

Im still working on my characters. Here is my main character in different views. I have each part saved as separate .pngs so that i can animate her. Also here is my first attempt at a walking cycle

here is the same walking cycle but with imagery and sound


Alternate Assignment

CharlieHere are characters that I am working on for a short animation

Spritely Lion

It opens up correctly in safari but in chrome, the dimensions aren’t right and i couldn’t figure it out. None the less here is my project

blog #?? Walter Benjamin response

I never even looked at the situation in that light. I have my artwork set up in a gallery style of my apartment, and i also have images of my work on social websites. However, when people come over they LOVE my work, or even though they may have seen it online, they react completely different when they see it in real life. So i really do agree with the whole idea that the impact that art creates changes when the art work can be produced endlessly. It takes away the meaning. I can also relate that to the Mona Lisa. We have all seen reproductions of the mona lisa a billion times, however, i know that seeing it in person would have a much deeper meaning to it. Even with going to the museum. Its a hassle of actually going to the museum. but once you get there, works of art have an aura. You can see the brush strokes, you can see the dedication to the piece, you can feel the effort, you can see how big the piece actually is. With print-out of the images ALL of that is lost.
I personally was having trouble making my paintings look “finished” and for a while i did not understand why my paintings were not looking “finished” and it was because the paintings i were looking at were not actual paintings. They were printed on canvas and stretched. The images were so flat, because of mechanical reproduction. If i stayed looking towards that standard, i would never feel as if i created anything “worth selling” because i was creating it by hand, and most society who “think” they appreciate art, and are used to only seeing printed handouts of paintings, believe that is what art is, and it really is not. It is just a representation of something greater.

music video edit 2


Jona Wigfall Object Design Post

I have a pineapple Ashtray that i find beautiful. I picked it up at a Thrift Store. I bought it so that i could sit it in my cup holder while i drove.
It is probably copper or brass or something but its a gold color. It reminds me of Spongebob’s house. It is round at the bottom, and elongated to mimic the
shape of a pineapple. The neck is skinner that the bottom, and the The top of it slightly curves outwards, which is great so that the chances of the ashes
flying out are slim to none. It has indents to represent the lines in the pineapple. and.. its pretty much a gold pineapple.. A beautiful one.

Blog #7

This article explained something to me that i was unaware of before. I understood that once you add something to the internet it is there forever, however i did not pay attention to the fact that every time some one views it, or reblog/retweet something you have said, it is copied and pasted. This could happen over a billion times, with out the consent of the person who posted it knowing. There are pros and cons to this. There are pros and cons to everything. I just agree that this is something that everyone should be aware of. As for him saying that “Trust, Love, Companionship, and Community” are things that are better than free, I agree. Like he stated these things that are not given. They are developed overtime. These are also intangible things, which makes it more valuable than money. It is not possible to buy REAL trust, love, companionship, or Community. I most agree with immediacy, personalization, patronage and find-ability, as being generatives that are better than free. I personally, enjoy when i can feel comfortable, and if can feel as if the object was made JUST for me. These things are not possible to obtain in copies. With each copy it loses its pesonaliation. I do like when things are hard to find. If there were a limited amount of shoes made for example. I would want to purchase the shoes more. However, i am a broke college student, so if everything was that way. I would not be ableo to buy these things because people with money who have the same interest as me would buy them all up and leave me sad.

Jona Wigfall -Music Video

Everyone’s a winner- Hot chocolate


Jona Wigfall Video Blog


Unexpected Lion

I just added some more to the end my project.

Favorite Travel Spots

I went to Los Angeles last year for spring break and it was amazing. The scenery was so beautiful. It was nice to get away from th grey skies of Baltimore. The beach was great. Also there were many beaches to choose from. Grown men worse suits, and rode skateboards to work. Granted the traffic was horrible. It was different to see how EVERYONE is tattooed. All the highschool students had DSLR’s and tattooed sleeves. Also, I was raised in Germany, i do remember alot of Grey skies, but everything was cooler, there were huge statues in the Market places. They had the great architecture. Different than here. I also remember art was nurtured in school. In America you are “weird”. But yeah, those places were pretty awesome.

Breathe in the Air

Home work Assignment 4


so, I do not know many websites that are immersed with vivid media experience. However, Pharrell Williams is one of my idols and his clothing website is pretty awesome. on the intro page there are some cool effects. His band’s website is N-E-R-D.com and also his clothing line website is pretty awesome bbcicecream.com and if you dont like that his clothing lines blog usually posts pretty awesome stuff from time to time and the link to that is bbcicecream.com/blog