Assignment12- Joan Lam



Assignment12- Joan Lam


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Assignment11- Joan Lam


I like Kathy Wyche’s project because I like the color used and the animation with the words.

layout of isotope

Assignment 9- Joan Lam

vegas animation 


I like this website because the color used and i like the slide effect when the mouse is over the pink cover. it looks like the new window 8 effect that was used. i also like the bouncy effect it provide once you slide down the arrow.

Assignment10- Joan Lam

sadie nash project

blog entry

3 more weeks of classes….yeahhhh

Assignment 7-Joan Lam


I like this website because it has some funny and interesting photos or short movie clips of the day. Even though the website doesn’t have any attracting layout or colors, I think it is a fun website to go on and relax and check out some photos. Another thing is that this website can go on forever, when you scroll to the bottom it will load more photos so it will keep on going. People can also leave comments or upload their own funny pictures or videos to share with others. This is a free website for anyone, I just think this website is a fun website to share, and now its my new favorite site.

Facebook Page

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Assignment5- Joan Lam

Elvis Show



Assignment4- Joan Lam




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Assignment3- Joan Lam

assignment3- recreation

four seasons page

spa page

services page


Las Vegas….I’ve been there once….hot…super super hot…I was melting, it was 102 degrees……and by the way, Max will be going to Vegas in the summer for his 21st birthday, and he said he will go to the strip club, haha…:)

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Assignment2- Joan Lam


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Assignment1- Joan Lam

assignment 1

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Assignment 13- Joan Lam




can this semester will end now? that’s my complain….too much works and stress :/

Assignment 12- Joan Lam


This is blog post.

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Assignment 11- Joan Lam



I want to talk about assignment 10 from kelly weiland’s work, I like her work on re-doing the website because I like the calendar she put on the front page, it will be easier to understand what is due and what is the homework. Also the video of the day will be up there, dont need to search for it down the page. Also I like  the login at the left bottom because it is clear and easy to find.

Assignment10- Joan Lam



Almost there!!!!

Assignment 9- Joan Lam

I like the website called Playtend.com because I think it is great for kids and if you scroll down, the information and everything will be eaten by the monster, and a the end of the page the monster’s mouth will be closed, I think that is very unique and creative. i think this will be a great website for children. I think this is like you are in control of the animation, so I believe that children will like it.



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Assignment 8- Joan Lam


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assignment7- Joan Lam


I have this watch from fossil that i love so much that i just want to write about it. It is a white DKNY watch that’s fairly cheap, it got some crystals around the face of the watch. It is simple and beautiful, love it!!

Assignment 6- Joan Lam





I think that free copies are not as good online, reason for that might be because free copies are usually bad version or older ones. Or it might be just a part of something it will not be a full version. and I also think that copies are always copies, not the original. I do think it can help for short term, but not for a long run. And if you download online or anything, it will be a higher chance of viruses.