Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 14

Despite the fact that I’m sitting here in class tonight, I still wanted to share a little “blurb” about why i think I deserve the grade I want.  To be modest, and at the same time, reasonable, I feel as though I deserve either a B+ or an A-.  I will admit that through half of the semester, I did struggle with figuring out what you were looking for in the class and how you expected us to complete each weekly project, but I do feel as though I have grown in the class since the midterm (for which I received a B, thank goodness).  There were a few assignments that I barely grasped the concept or flat-out even didn’t complete, but I was able to go back and complete them, GameSalad and Flash, for example.  Being someone that attended every class, participated with a positive attitude, and definitely gave her all in every project attempt, I feel as though that is grounds for receiving an A-…. BUT, knowing you, I could accept you knocking that down to a B+, which I do feel more confident about.

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Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 13

  1. I must say that this semester has been the busiest that I have ever been.  Having taken on new responsibilities on campus in addition to academics has definitely cost me hours that I would usually use to maintain a consistent sleep pattern.  This semester, I am taking advantage of my 2nd and final chance to screen for the Graphic Design program, as well as screening for Digital Art & Design as a backup, which are both within a span of about 2-3 weeks.  I was currently hired as a Marketing Chair for Graphic Design for the Campus Activities Board for next school year, so I have been very busy with new board member meetings and assignments. I am also preparing for my summer job (which I am very proud of, since it is my second job, but the first one I applied for and actually got), where I will be working as an art teacher at a summer camp. I have never done anything like this before, so the training and mental preparation is definitely a lot to take on.  All of this is of course on top of the regular academic classes that I have, including (but not limited to) a Human Geography group project, physics exams that are the only source of graded assignments (I am not good with physics at all), a sociology exam, drawing final projects, and of course re-doing pretty much all of my projects for this class (which has been quite a stressful challenge from start to finish).  Being someone that “fell off” with being so involved after high school, picking all of this back up and trying to do more has definitely made it difficult to organize my schedule and not try to procrastinate all semester long.
  2. Self Promotional Page … IOU !
  3. Implementing BACON

Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 12

The four talent placement agencies that I chose were United Talent, TalentBridge, Best of Staffing, & Top Talent Solutions.

  1. The United Talent website is not very successful in attracting the user’s attention, because of how everything appears clumped together and imbalanced.  There could’ve been a much better decision on which typeface could’ve been used for the content and navigation.  I am also distracted by the “like” option that seems off-put on the bottom-left of the page.  Simply put, I do not think this page has any strong sense of good design.
  2. TalentBridge has a very professional and successful layout, and it is my favorite out of all the sites that I have chosen to critique. Their use of a slider at the top of the page with good quality images if very appealing, and their balance and overall organization of the page works very well.  The flow and consistency of the entire website makes it very easy to use and travel through all of the provided information.
  3. Best of Staffing has a successful and simple layout, and I do favor this website as well. The consistency of the page with spacing and typeface makes the page unified and easy to follow.  The only thing that throws me off is the use of large pop-up options, that become strong distractions. Despite this, they are connected to the page and do serve their purpose very well.
  4. Top Talent Solutions is a very simplistic layout with their use of a few colors and a standard organized layout.  There is a lot of information that is provided on the home page, and that can be viewed as overwhelming for those that do not know how to use a talent placement page (such as myself). Overall, I think it could be improved by reducing the number of links right in the center of the page (moving them to the navigation column on the left or further down the page).  The introduction or basic information should come first.


Vegas Impulse Package

Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 11

1. Isotope













3. Tyray Brightful’s Sadie Nash Scrollama is pretty successful. I especially like how “through…” continues to scroll with you, building up some anticipation for the information that’s about to be provided.  If anything could be changed, I would think that it could be the typeface that he used, at least at some point in the middle so allow some sense of “change”.  Overall, I feel as though it’s unified and a nice simple design.

Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 10


I’m assuming you wanted our blog post to be about our experience with working with this, and honestly, I didn’t think it was too bad.  If  I had spent more time customizing it and actually started it from scratch, I may have enjoyed it. Having been able to do what I had done in an hour, I’d say it was fairly easy to work with.

Assignment 8 – Jasmine Johnson

  1. I tried playing “A Cupid’s Day” and “A Dog for All Seasons”, and overall I thought that the style of the games and their basic purposes were well put together.  They had a very innocent feel to them, and I liked that.  Personally, I think that one way “A Cupid’s Day” could have been improved by changing the way that we move Cupid in the sky, possibly by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.  Other than that, both seemed to be fairly successful considering the types of games that they were and who would be playing them.
  2. I tried the physics games “Totem Destroyer 2″ and “Ragdoll Cannon 4″, and I was fairly pleased with them both, considering their “level of difficulty” and their style.
  3. One site that I used to go on all the time was Cartoon Network to play all the classic games, before they lost their minds and added new shows.  I liked how creative they used to be by incorporating the popular shows and their styles into each page layout depending on which game you chose to play.  The flow of each game’s execution seemed almost flawless and the graphics were consistent as well.  Today, they somewhat manage to keep that up; I’m just biased because I hate the shows and games that they have now.

Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 7

  1. My Facebook page design for a hotel called “Stay”.



2. I can’t say that I really have a favorite website, but one of the sites that I use the most is CBS.  Their layout keeps me interested by making it easy to navigate with their drop-down menus in their navigation and their show lineups organized by the day found further down the page.  The typefaces that they use make it easy to read and don’t overpower any of the images or information that is provided.  Their flexibility and constantly changing themes keep the viewer from getting bored and keep them coming back to the site.


Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 6

Easy demo 1

Moderate demo (attempted, but unsuccessful with coding; could not make the background work).

My sequence theme!

Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 5

JQuery Page

Here are my two designs for considering Vegas as a destination if one were a Canadian.

For today’s classwork click here –> cookies.

Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 4

Here is my Las Vegas revision for my hotel site.  Changes were made based on suggestions pertaining to navigation, typeface, and organization.


Jasmine Johnson (Assignment 4) – Why Designers Should Learn How to Code

Essentially, I do believe that is an impressive trait for a designer to have skills in coding.  The key factors are time management and maintaining the design’s effectiveness.  If a designer learns how to design with a mind of a developer, they can ensure that their initial design is carried over to the web and still does all that it was supposed to do.  By cutting out the “middle man” (the developer they would send their page design to), the designer not only maintains responsibility and control, but also contributes to their resumé and usefulness in the workplace.  This is only successful, however, if they are able to keep their “designer mind” and their “developer mind” separate, yet knows how to combine them in order to satisfy both sides of a page design.

Assignment 3 – Jasmine Johnson

The Encore at Wynn Las Vegas website had a very simple layout for their hotel accommodations and venue, but there were a few things that I thought needed to be changed.  I felt as though the link typefaces weren’t completely connected with the feel of the rest of the resort.  Additionally, I wasn’t a fan of everything being centered on a gradient background.  The image of the resort that was used was effective in portraying relaxation, and it’s animation was impressive.  There weren’t a lot of elements that made the page horrible, but I just had a few tweaks that I thought needed to be made.

Original Screen Shot:

Original Screen Shot







My Revised Page:

Encore at Wynn Resort

Jasmine Johnson – Las Vegas

All I know about Las Vegas is that I passed up an opportunity to go over winter break during my Freshman year when my Mother was going for a conference. I pretty much was only going to be able to stay in the hotel and watch tv, since I wasn’t legal to drink or play slots (still not), but still, having the chance to say that I have been there would’ve been great. Now all I know about Vegas is what I see on Family Guy (sad, I know).

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Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 2

My econcierge infographic for the Town of Upper Marlboro.

My econcierge infographic for the Town of Upper Marlboro.

Assignment 1 – Jasmine Johnson

Assignment 1