very clean appearance and easily negotiable.


very cool website draws in the person to their service with appearance.

BIG Creative

not the best looking website but do have some interesting animations.  not my top choice.


not the  greatest looking site, actually real ugly, but useful in the way the offer their service to find other agencies.

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HotelZAZA – John, Isabel, Tianxiang

The websites gallery is extremely crowded and the pictures are not evenly aligned with each other. see here

When you go into the subsections of the gallery, there is an uneven distribution of photos.  Where some have plenty of images and some have close to none. see here

Annoying animations on the “zresorts page”.  see here 

Overall navigation is confusing. see here

Zaza should stop ripping people off. see here

No drop down for the pool on the sidebar. see here

Zaza’s website does not appeal to young people. The dark red houndstooth background is old school and not very modern. see here

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I shall critique Ted’s isotope.  I enjoy how interactive this isotope is with several options for rearranging and reordering the images.  It may be my low level of knowledge on his chosen subject, but I do not understand how they are arranged.  No matter the selected option for order, they all seem to be random.  I could be completely wrong.



I truly enjoy cookies more than any other desert.  But it is very hard to enjoy any cookie that comes from the store after eating my mom’s homemade cookies.  The passed down family recipes for all types of cookies ranging from peanut butter, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, to her world famous gingerbread cookies.  I now carry the curse of never being able to truly be satisfied with a store bought cookie.


Main page

Internal page

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Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.09.20 AM


uncrate.com is probably my favorite website.  THis site is one hell of a time killer.  They feature new items daily that you would most likely not come across elsewhere.  They have everything from cars and craft beers to gadgets and movies.  The site is geared towards men but I am sure there is some stuff that girls would find interesting on the site.  Unfortunately most things on the site are out of my price range, but it is still fun to look.












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homework 6

here is my sequence.js

here is my desktopDesktop


Because we did not do option 2 for the homework, I will write about my soon to be desktop animation.  I chose one of the stock desktop images and layered in the stock towson images.  I would like to animate a ripple in the coffee as well as either the envelope opening or the note being written.

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I have never been too fond of writing so have not done very much on the computer next to emails.  Even though I am not writing very often I try to read a lot to further my knowledge on random subjects, and I do this through large online networks of people where several opinions and where lots of knowledge can be shared.  Just as this article talks about the benefit of these large networks versus other non-internet options.  I completely agree that the mass majority of people’s outlooks have changed mostly impart this is due to the large influx of knowledge and ideas online.




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interactive site : http://www.jimcarrey.com/


home page: Homework3


room page: Homework3.5






My favorite image from Worth1000 is
The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day by Onanymous


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