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Hey here’s a question, are we meeting at the usual 6:00 or are we going to wait until the official finals time of 7:30?

Assignment #13 Ken Burns

Blog Post #12

So I’m not exactly thrilled with some of the work I’ve produced this semester. In Graphic Design II, I feel like I just fell short somehow. I just wasn’t feeling it with my projects. This class I looked at as a way to test the waters. I think it’s great that if someone asks me “Hey, would be able to make me something using spritely?” my answer will not be “What’s that?’. Seriously though, I’m really glad I was able to get the exposure and the chance to dabble. I’m actually pretty proud of the progress I made in Web II. I started to really understand divs and such, started utilizing my stylesheets. I’m pretty excited that I may have produced a portfolio worthy website finally. That being said, I can’t wait for summer.

Blog Post #11

I will critique Brendan’s drunk driving animation. I think he did an awesome job with the changing viewpoints that we get as the movie goes on. While we are in the drunk person’s perspective, the scene sways back and forth in a very convincing way. I also think the song was a good choice, it fits the animation well. My favorite thing is when we are bird’s eye view looking down on the car and suddenly swoop down into the driver’s perspective. The only thing I would change about it is the beginning where the words are up one at a time and jump around a little. It makes it hard to follow the sentence when its broken up like that. Also, I like the informative facts best when they are on their own separate frame, breaking up the video. I don’t think they are as effective when they are placed right into the animation.

Blog Post #9

I found a company called Ikayzo that uses spritely on their home page. They describe themselves as a “creative agency married to a software development firm”. At first, their very aesthetically pleasing home page just has a strip of water that moves across the screen. But when you hit the play button, a little machine-like element starts sinking into the water and then drills through the earth, passing through multiple layers. Each layer showcases something that the company does, such as designing, building, and localizing. It’s actually a really cool little journey, spritely is definitely utilized here on this site.

Blog Post #8

I understand where Walter Benjamin is coming from in terms of uniqueness. We as humans like to have things that are one of a kind and personal. It’s hard for me to think of art as being valued most because of its uniqueness. As the students mentioned, art today is valued by its aesthetics and social content, not so much on its uniqueness. I am kind of disappointed that things can be so easily reproduced and lose that certain element, but at the same time I see all the good that has come of it. I’m glad that ideas can be spread quickly, I’m glad that art can be shared across the world. There’s a good chance that a certain piece of art wouldn’t be as popular if it was only able to be seen locally. What is the point of art if no one is able to see it, or talk about it, or compare it? Walter Benjamin lived in a time where this ability to share and mechanically reproduce was just starting to take hold, so he would naturally have some reservations towards it. I think I have the complete opposite problem because I have never lived in a world where this was not possible. Maybe if I had been able to appreciate the authenticity of art without seeing reproductions I would understand. It was actually kind of sad that when I saw things in person at the MoMA I was only slightly impressed. I thought it was really cool to be seeing the original in person, but the weight of that just didn’t hit me. I had seen pictures or prints of all these things so many times before that a lot of the impact was lost. I guess there are good and bad sides to everything.

Blog Post #3

I like the fact that artists don’t need to be super popular to be successful. With my favorite music artists, it’s always hard for me to tell how popular they actually are because my perspective is skewed. I’ll pride myself in having bought physical copies of every album they produced and go see them live every time they are in town, but then be shocked to find out that many of my friends have never heard of them. They definitely exist in that middle ground, where they are not popular, but the right amount of people really enjoy what they produce. If I personally had 1,000 true fans, I’d be through the roof. Being able to connect with them would be really important, but hard to do on a personal level. I know I would be super appreciative of their support so I would respond to any of them that reached out to me. I don’t know if that’s realistic, but I would try. I think the most important thing for me to do would be to present opportunities for them to reach out to me. I’d have to make public appearances and make myself available to my fans instead of hiding from them.

Blog Post #10

I’m pretty sure I was meant to live alone. I mean, I will have a family one day that I will live with, but I can’t do roommates. I’m not good at sharing space. Or dishes. And I like things cleaner than many people want to keep them. I need privacy and quiet, and I just don’t get that when I live with people. I get home from class or work and I just want to be able to walk into my house and relax without having to make small talk with someone. I want things to stay where I put them. I want things to stay clean if I clean them. I guess I need to get used to that.  Or train whoever lives with me, like my parents did. To this day, I never put dishes in the sink. I never put “food trash” in any trash can other than the kitchen one. I wipe off counters if I make a mess. If I use up all the milk, I go get another one. Haha I’m pretty hard to live with.

Blog Post #7

I’m currently sitting in a lecture hall in the science building, and I see one of those chairs.. you know, the ones that are also in all the dining halls, and in the union: pretty much everywhere on campus. This chair is made up of two pieces of molded plastic that are shaped to conform the the sitter’s body. The back of the chair is supported by a thin but strong wire that extends down to connect to the seat. The seat itself slopes backward to angle your hips at what I think is a comfortable position. The lip is curved to relieve any possible pressure on the back of your knees if you sit too far back or if your legs cannot reach the ground. The legs are made of the same strong wire, but they are not four separate legs. Instead the wire forms two separate trapezoids, and the weight of the person is placed on the bottom side of the trapezoids. This make the chair stronger and more stable than if it had four separate legs. No wobbling. The only downside is that these chairs are not stackable. Around campus, I’ve seen these chairs in numerous, hideous colors, but this one in particular is nice. It’s actually one of my favorite colors, a very light turquoise. Almost seafoam-ish.

Blog Post #6

After reading this, I have to completely agree. Actually I’m a little relieved that there are things that people will always hold value to. Authenticity plays a big role in my purchases. For example, I could easily find all of the Adobe programs I need for free but I chose to buy them anyway. I want to be assured that they will work properly, that there are no bugs or viruses attached, and that if I need support I can easily get it. I really don’t want my computer treating Photoshop as a threat in the middle of a big project. Interpretation is another factor that comes into play for me. There was an element I wanted for my webpage, so I tried to take it. I mostly understood how to “steal” all the elements that I needed, but it still didn’t work. I ended up buying it, so that it was packaged neatly for me and came with some directions. I also felt bad stealing something that someone took so long to design and program, so yay for patronage.

Blog Post #2

My favorite photos on the Worth1000 website were the fat celebrity photos entitled “Feeding Time”. Most of them were pretty hilarious, and looked fun to do. A few of them were really well done, but there were definitely some that were less than believable. I’m pretty sure one of the contestants just stretched the photography horizontally and called it a day. Beside the celebrity photos, I really liked the waterfall ones. Something about the bright mist that comes from the water is really appealing. This category seemed to draw more skilled contenders as well.

Assignment #12

So I was originally going to do one of those spinny things “The cow goes..”  But getting the separate buttons to be different shapes kind of seems impossible at this point. I didn’t even look up how to make something spin. So instead I have this wonderful thing.

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HW 8


One thing I do every single day is have a cup of coffee, and I almost always use the travel mug I got for Christmas. It is water tight, so no leaks, and it keeps my coffee warm for at least 2 hours. (It very rarely lasts that long anyway). But in addition to how well it functions, it is actually quite appealing to look at. It’s red, made of brushed stainless steel, and curves perfectly to fit into your hand. The texture is very smooth and soft, making it easy to grip. The lid is black and continues with very streamlined curves for the mouthpiece.

Homework Assignment #6

Unexpected Lion


Favorite Places to Travel

I’ve never been out of the country, though I have a list of places for the future.. So far I think my favorite place was Maine in the summertime. I went in the summer of 2010, right when the weather in Maryland was getting unbearable. I’ll never forget how suffocating the humidity was in Maryland that day and how wonderful the air tasted at the rest stop in New Hampshire. So refreshing. Bar Harbor, Maine was such a relaxing getaway that I considered wanting to move there, until I remembered how awful those winters must be.