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Estro Slider is in interesting tool for creating slideshows. It feels as if Supersized is much simpler and dynamic. In supersized the main issue is knowing how to resize the pictures so that they are able to be viewed in varying screen widths whereas Estro Slider requires a bit more handling to get it to do what you want it to. It is deceptively simple, considering the main objective in using it is simply replacing links and directories. Comparing the two, I can’t say I would pick one over the other. Estro seems to be a bit more powerful, noting the fact that it can play youtube or vimeo videos right there inside the image box, but again, Supersized is so much simpler and much less of a hassle to work with.

Aesthetically, they both are appealing and would look good on any website.

Justin D. Assignment 12

App that lets you draw.



There is also a gallery to add stock images.

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I will be critiquing Hing Mai’s assignment 10: Spritely Lion

Hing’s spritely assignment was done pretty well. Visually it is consistent, the theme of a child like illustration carries throughout the rotation and everything fits inside itself within the context of the imagery and theme. The only thing that could be improved is the motion of the lion. I know we are limited to just a few ‘frames’ to cycle through, so there is no definite way to make movements completely smooth, but just adding a couple more frames to fill in between some of the ones she already has would make for the appearance of a smoother walking lion. Or have the lion make bigger movements with only the 3 frames so it looks more like a children’s animation instead. Very good work, in my opinion.

Justin D. Assignment 11

Assignment 11

Justin Dashiell Assignment 10

Assignment 10

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Supersized is an interesting imaging program in terms of html customization. Before this class I had no idea programs like this existed. It is interesting to note, with supersized (as with the assignment you gave us) you can change the black box into a transparent logo with your name on it (as a replacement for the supersized logo) and have it shift along with all of your images. It is something that could definitely come in handy in the future when thinking of creative ways to display my artwork on the web.

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I enjoy the calm nature of this site; the clouds, the mountains and the amber color tone make for a serene setting accented by the floating dirigible containing a single solitary figure lost in thought. It is pleasant to look at and with some soft music, one could fall asleep.

Justin Dashiell Assignment 8

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An object around my house that is particularly well designed is my backpack. I carry my backpack almost everywhere I go, considering the only place I’m able to go to these days is school, so I’m rather familiar with it. It has numerous pockets for various uses, but I mainly keep my stuff inside one of the two main back sections. My laptop fits inside it relatively well considering the actual size of my bag means it probably shouldn’t go in there at all. The straps are ripping and have been for over a year now and yet it remains faithfully intact, especially considering the mileage that’s been placed on it. It is all black with certain red spots for the various logos and symbols.

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When art is reproduced endlessly, what becomes important is not the art itself but the creator. The hand of the creator becomes the cherished element and more artists will be recognized for using more traditional methods instead of digital ones. When art can be taken and recreated, the act of creating itself becomes less important that the message contained therein. Like propaganda, we’ve all seen the Mona Lisa, even if we have never stood up close to take a look at it, the image is still attainable and viewable by our eyes, at any time, and yet the value of the work still remains priceless. Further than that, when art can be reproduced endlessly, the experience of viewing that work becomes important. As with a good movie, we still crave the excitement of going to the theater, even if we know and have full access to pirated copies online. The creator, the content and the experience become very important even if the work itself is worth less than than few kb of data it takes to copy it and post it online.

Justin Dashiell Assignment 7

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My music video is based on the idea of clutter and visual distraction. I wanted to make a video that was sort of entrancing when looked at, something that grabs the viewer and keeps them from being able to look away. Something that may be difficult to do with the song I was given, something more audio/ music driven instead of a song based so heavily on the use of vocals would have been better. The first part of the video I use white dots to try to ‘snap’ the viewer into attention, flashing them around the screen in an arch to bring the viewers eye over the the start of the next segment, the arrow going through the bulls eyes. The dots take the viewers eye over to the left side, then the arrow takes them back over to the right where the white ‘bursts’ mark the visual ‘hook’ as the screen turns completely white and prepares the viewer to see a large mix of white and black at which point I bring in the other black and white elements. I push them around the screen with a difference filter so all the elements look as if they are able to interact with one another.

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Justin D. Assignment 5

Justin D. Homework Assignment 4

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I don’t have many places that I like to travel to due to lack of transportation. I do enjoy quiet, out of the way places that have a nice enough view of something, anything, but I do like looking at trees and different types of flowers in those types of places. Parks usually have this, but they are not very quiet. Libraries have the things the I look for in a quiet place usually, as well as certain parts of the Towson university campus. If I could travel to any place I chose (with no regard for school or graduation) it would most likely be a place that is even more quiet and even more out of the way than what I could obtain through my current means.

Justin D Assignment 3

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A site with multimedia that I enjoy is most likely not going to be one singular site, but rather a  number of them.

I do enjoy youtube for both its video content and audio content, but there is also a healthy stream of artists there as well. They talk about their work, post interviews and do sketches, sometimes in real-time, others in a sped up way so as to show the process from start to finish. I also enjoy various gaming sites such as Kotaku.com and joystiq.com. These two sites post mostly articles and commentary with the occasional review, but artwork does get posted on these sites. Concept art from halted productions, preliminary sketches from major release titles, all things that I search the web for and find delight in coming across them by accident on these two websites. Creativeuncut.com is more of a one-trick site that posts mainly concept art. I love the vast library of work, both official and unofficial (in the case of halted projects such as the ’9′ video game). Hard to call it ‘multi-media’ when everything is 2d based artwork, but as a single-media site it is a dream to have when combined with the other sites I peruse. Finally there is conceptart.org and cghub.com. Both places to see work from active, working professional artists, illustrators, concept designers and 3d model creators. Learning from them and seeing their process has helped me develop over the years and will continue to do so for as long as I have a working internet connection.