Jackie Conley Assignment 14

This is a game I made for my little sister. It’s My Little Pony themed. For some reason, I’m having difficulty getting it to work, so hopefully I’ll be able to show it to Sean Cohen when I meet with him on Monday.


Jackie Conley Assignment 13

This is my tile gallery. I was having trouble uploading it last week, but here it is now!


This is also the rotoscope project I’ve been working on. Its 90 frames/drawings of gloriousness.


Jackie Conley Assignment 12

So I wanted to post my rotoscope project as a homework, but it says it says it exceeds the maximum upload size for this site because it’s too glorious. So I posted a link to my blog, which has the rotoscope project. This is made up of exactly 90 frames (drawings).


Jackie Conley Assignment 10

This is an invitation design that I’ve been working on with my typography professor. I’d like to eventually turn it into a website that gives out details like directions, photos, and further information.

Jackie Conley Assignment 9


A website I enjoyed browsing on that used sliding parallax was http://www.nintendo.com.au/gamesites/mariokartwii/ .

It the slider gives you the similar sensation of playing racing games on the wii, which I thought was clever and creative.


Jackie Conley Assignment 8

aMuse Toy Store Website:

Jackie Conley Assignment 7

I own an alarm clock that I think is particularly well-designed. What is interesting about this alarm clock is that it is built exactly like a typical alarm clock (with the feet, handle, and bells) but it is built the size of a wall clock. It is about 3x the size of a regular alarm clock. It is also all black, down to the bells. The black numbers are embossed, so they are easy to read. Because of the size of the clock, its ticking makes a very low sound, so it is not irritating. The size of this alarm clock makes it both fun and functional.


Towson Web Redesign:


Jackie Conley Assignment 6

Redesign of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Homepage:

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Gallery:

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Spa Page:

“Better than free” Reaction:

“Better than free” discussed 8 other devices (9 counting trust) that are better than getting something for free. This was a useful article for considering what the consumer wants and looks for in a product or company. There are factors that are more valuable than just simply getting something for free, such as personalization, authenticity, and patronage. The customer will be willing to pay for something if it is reliable, accessible, and convenient. In turn, as a company, it is beneficial to consider what is more important than getting something for free, because it means you are considering the wants and needs of the consumer.

Jackie Conley Assignment 5

My hotel redesign is a redesign of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC.


I love the cultural aspect that comes with traveling. I especially love to travel to environments I’ve never been before, just for the experience. I appreciate the culture shock that accompanies going to new places, and you don’t have to travel all the way to Scotland (which I would love to do) to experience it. Just going to a new friends’ house can be a shock, to see how they live, how their environment differs from your own. I think it’s important to have your own known and comfortable world shaken up. (If you can’t tell, I am a huge fan of cultural anthropology.)

But seriously, I would like to go to Scotland.

And Canada.

And Alaska.

But mostly Scotland.

Assignment 4 Jackie Conley

My assignment 4

Assignment 4 – Full Width Slider – Autumn Story

My favorite multi-media website would have to be stumble-upon. www.stumbleupon.com. It’s great because it’s personalized to your specific interests, and it takes you to various pages all over the web based on your specific interests. In my case, it’s especially handy for art inspiration and for learning new things. It’s also a useful site to know if you’re ever bored.

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Jackie Conley Assignment 3

This I can’t imagine being an artist with 1,000 true fans. It must be daunting, yet rewarding. If I did have 1,000 true fans, I would be sure to have multiple ways of keeping them in-the-know, what with blogs and websites. Louis CK recently did an Ask Me Anything on a popular content aggregator, which I thought was a creative way to interact with your fans on a more personal level.

Hypertext is text (that is also a link) which leads you to another website. Yes, all three are examples of hypertext.

I played one of the games and I thought the animation was very endearing. But I get bored of games easily and I didn’t think it was as interesting as it could have been. ( I did love the animation though).

*The post was being kind of wonky and wouldn’t let me write or upload images, so my website jpeg is in the MEDIA tab.

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Assignment 2 Lions

An instant classic!

Join the narrator on a fantastical journey across the globe in “Where Are All the Lions?” Teeming with adventure, suspense, and mystery, this slideshow is sure to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages.




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Assignment 2 Worth 1000

I love this one. I think it flawlessly captures the American Dream.


This one came from Vacation Bloopers 13. This one is interesting because it’s believable. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I  love how they handled the water with the bear emerging.

This work has such a strong narrative, illustrative quality. It’s quietly dreamy. I find the hot air balloons to be too overdone in fantasy illustrations now, but it gives it a sense of adventure.


Just a picture of a hummingbird (too cool, right?). Go, hummingbird!

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Class 2


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Jackie Conley Assignment 1

Art 365 Review & LinkedIn

I enjoyed the first class, especially the lecture shown. The way Sean tried to intimidate everyone kept the three hours from being boring. It sounds like this course load is going to be difficult, but manageable. I look at the upcoming assignments as a challenge accepted.


As a side note, I didn’t have a linkedin account, so I had to make one:


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