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The Pretzal Story

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A whack-a-mole style game called “Squash the Space Banana”!


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Landon’s Music Video

This had to be one of my favorite music videos. The sheer ridiculousness of how he stares down the sandwich and finally stuffs it in his mouth is hilarious. I also like the fact that he’s so attracted to the sandwich, and it’s kinda nasty looking.

I think the project might have been improved if a tripod was used during the filming, they offer lots of stability and the camera wouldn’t be as jittery. Or instead, maybe boosting the contrast of the image or saturation of the colors could help. It’s common in food commercials to over saturate all the colors so the food looks better; and it might help make it look even more unappetizing.

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Arson! and how

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Supersize Page

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Shelf Life String Band

This is a spritely page designed to showcase a folk music band. There are links where you can listen to music, and the links work quite well contrary to many of the spritely pages I’ve found. I quite enjoy the artwork neutral color tone of this page. There is also an interesting sense of depth created by the atmospheric perspective of the mountains.

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Spritely Page

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Though my head is on the verge of exploding, I’m somewhere on the way to understanding what Walter Benjamin’s on about. Though originally paintings were received by a small number of people who then shaped the reactions of the general public, the general public is now forming their opinions about paintings firsthand due to the mechanical reproduction of art. At first the reaction of the public to new art forms is very reactionary. But over time, the public’s reaction should change to one of enjoyment as pointed out by Benjamin about Picasso’s work.

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I have a lamp on my desk that was built by a close friend of the family. He is the sort of person that can’t sit still, and really loves to put things together. We went to his house one day, and I had some school project that I needed to finish and brought over materials that were wrapped in a plastic cylinder. For whatever reason the cylinder stayed behind when we left. A few months later he had created a bizarre lamp out of the piece of plastic. He wrapped Christmas lights around the plastic, filled it up with broken car window safety glass and marbles, and then capped the lamp with screwed in rounded slices of wood and wire mesh. The result is an interesting cylindrical lamp that lights up the room quite nicely.

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Music Video Take 2

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Though at one time free items may have been preferable, Kevin Kelly suggests that now because everything is easily and cheaply reproducible there are things that are more valuable than “free”. All things in the digital realm have a significant lack of permanence or importance. It is up to designers to create something that has some of the “Eight Generatives Better Than Free” to appeal to the modern consumer. If a person wants to make money or sell any sort of product, they should pay attention this list, and must provide things that cannot simply be copied.

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Music Video

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Ted Talk Response

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Unexpected Lion

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Some of my favorite places to travel include Montreal in Quebec, St. Martin in the Dutch West Indies, and Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire. I have been spending summers in New Hampshire for my entire life, I get a sense of peace when I am there. St. Martin is a place I’ve gone to escape the winter and enjoy the balmy Carribean weather; when I got on the plane it was 32 degrees and when I got off it was 90! I have recently traveled to Montreal several times over the past few years. It is a city with a fascinating history, I like to walk around the old quarter, see the sights as it were. There is also marvellous food, and amazing views from atop mount royal. It feels like being in a European city just a few hours from America.

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Ian Law; Assignment 4

Sleepy Lion

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I recently found this amazing website which simulates the Apollo 11 moon landing. The images are detailed and highly interactive, allowing you to change viewing angles. The sound effects and original NASA transmissions make you feel like you are really on the mission. The website also has a fairly simple design and allows you to navigate through the stages easily.

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At the moment I don’t think I would know what to do with 1000 true fans. However, it would be nice if I had enough fans to support me in everything that I wanted to accomplish. The article mentions a relation between direct contact with fans and the number of fans you need to make a living. In this case I think I would have to meet my fans and interact with them in a more personal way. Interactions over the internet are always less personable.

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