Homeworks for grading

Ones to definitely grade:


Layer Slider with 3-D transitions




Hotel wehsbite home page, interior

Foundation page




I like my Desk, and the homepage of my ecommerce


But I don’t like the interior page.

I don’t like my parallax either, or my spritely

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Homework 12



Website review in order of preference:



I like this website the most because it is modern, clean, and attractive. I like their color scheme. I think the interior “blog” and “find work” pages are particularly nice, however, I find the headings of the interior pages a little cluttered. I really like how their navigation system looks.



I like the color scheme of this one a lot. That peach coral color and the turquoise are my two favorite colors. I like how inviting the website feels. I like their logo too. But I think that they distract from its simplicity by crowding it with text. The search function is really nicely laid out. Their portfolio examples are nice too.


I’m placing this one third because I like the large images on their slider. However, the text over the images is a little bit difficult to read. And the slide with all the people, and the text, feels crowded. I don’t like the big white block for the navigation system either. I like the brown sections of the homepage because they feel clean and well organized. I think their menus are too crowded. Their overall search function is nice enough, though.


Hate this website! It’s so ugly. It’s functional enough and at least it isn’t too crowded. But it lacks overall style and design taste. It feels very amateur. Their logo is pretty lame too.


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Assignment 11



Here is my isotope! (Ummm for some reason it loads in my browser 10% larger than it does when I preview from DreamWeaver. So Just zoom out once to see how its supposed to look– there’s supposed to be 4 rows of 7.)


I want to critique Natalie’s isotope. I think that she did a beautiful job setting this up. I really like her use of a the paint peeling in the background. It’s fun and colorful, and it adds some quirkiness to the page. I like how engaging her sorting filters are. Also, the work she is displaying is really nice to look at as well. I like the rectangular shape of her blocks instead of the square. Some of the images get cut off though. I was having the same trouble trying to figure out how I could click and get the full image to display and not just a larger square. I still haven’t figured out either, but it would be a cool feature. In terms of improving he website…I think the text for the filter is a little touch to read because the letters are so bold and closely kearned. Also, I would try to figure out why the last sort filter does not line up with its heading. Also the “Natalie Reed” logo is cool but it feels kind of odd being centered. If it were my website I would also include some links that go outside of the page because it feels a little trapped right now. Overall, I am really impressed!!

Assignment 10

I’m making my scrollorama about Wally Kings Entertainment. Wally Kings is an event producer, artist manager, radio personality, and marketing consultant. His mission is to build a community through reggae music. I am trying to use the design skills I’m acquiring for his business. I’m frustrated with this html, though. I can’t figure out A) how to get rid of the pauses between animations in the “pin examples” section, despite messing with duration. B) Why my parallax element briefly appears before my fling element. And C) Why the colors of my letters in “Reggae Music” fade as they get bigger. I would really like to tweak these issues so that I can make something really cool for him.

Scroll Away!!


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Homework 8

Here is my game


sea game

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Homework 9

The most interesting aspect, and I think relevant aspect of Ukeless’ work is the idea that she is “setting up a structure and having a lot of openings in the structure for other people to enter at will.” This is in essence what the web is. We set up a structure, a code, a design, that is meant to be accessed by others. And those who access the system can interact with it however they choose. I also like her idea of turning words into action and then action back into words. Lastly, I think it’s essential that she is calling attention to stigma attached to handlers of waste or maintenance workers because their jobs and the work they do is so essential to our lives.












Assignment 7

M-W.com (Merriam Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus) is my favorite website because I like to look up words. Besides Google, it is probably one of my most frequented website. Its layout is kind of hectic and chaotic but its easy enough to ignore the additional informational bars and just focus on the search bar. However, if you feel like being a nerd and playing word games, or finding out history related to language, or learning new obscure words the m-w.com website’s additional informational panels are great to explore. It’s the intelligent way to procrastinate!


Provost desk:


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Assignment 6




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Homework 5

Homework part 1

Homework part 2

Homework part 3:

I love this article!! Power to the People!!!! Writing has always been very important to me: creative writing, poetic writing, lyrical writing, academic writing, personal reflections, and just general written communication. I typically imagine myself as having an audience whenever I write, and as a result I pay great attention to the cohesiveness of what I am writing, as well as my articulation and grammar. I love reading this article because it excites me to think of all the people who are sharing their ideas and expressing themselves. A greater outpouring and distribution of ideas has the potential to impact cross-cultural understanding and help bridge the gaps between our different, yet collective, human experiences. Moreover, the more people write, the more articulate they become, and this may increase a thirst for knowledge and a desire for better education systems internationally. Also, it is validating to know you have an audience when you write, which in turn adds more value to the expression of your ideas. This validation can lead to people searching for alternative solutions to their issues, rather than resorting to violence. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but these seemingly insignificant shifts have great power as they multiply, expand, and increase their reach to different demographics. Butterfly-effect-esque. And I say Power to the People (intentional caps) because we’re writing more than government! Okay, 90% of it may be crap, but the same ‘law’ applies to the government’s writing.

This is what I’m talking about: “accelerating the creation of new ideas and the advancement of global knowledge.” Hell yea!

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Assignment 4






I couldn’t think of any interactive media websites that I love. So, I did a little research and looked at award winning websites. I found The Royal Flemish Philharmonic for Kids website:http://kid.defilharmonie.be/kid/index.htm

I love this website firstly because I am a musician, so anything about music excites me. It is also beautifully designed. It incorporates an interface that is sleek and exudes an air of sophistication in congruence with the purpose of the organization. Yet, the design is interactive, approachable, and exciting, which will appeal to children.

They chose a creative way to contain the website’s information in a literal way. It is enclose within the case of a violin. And they use a wallpaper background with a boarded floor to create an environment in which the case sits. The colorful background t does not feel static because of the rough edges. This feature also allows the central design to fade out. This engages and transitions the background of the page in space. It also makes it resizable while still maintaining the integrity of the design. Hanging the logo on sign from a string is an interesting way to present their brand— it gives it a feel that is reminiscent of both practice rooms and classrooms. They also pay a good of attention to the type. They use a combination of ornamental, blocky, and handwritten text. The ornamental type evokes connotations of classic music; the blocky colorful type resembles alphabet blocks or a kid’s poster, and the site map (which is set in script) resembles a kid’s handwriting. The design is carefully considered.

Moreover, the interactive links have seamless transitions in the manner they present the enclosed information. The first link on the left is the coolest. It presents an interactive page that unfolds like a manuscript of music. Set on it, there is an orchestral seating chart with a spotlight that highlights the area you select with your mouse. 

Homework 3

Here is my homepage:



Response to article:

It’s an interesting idea that an artist can support themselves through their art alone, if they have 1,000 true fans. But attaining a ‘true fan’ in the way this author defines a true fan (someone who will buy everything you make EVER) may be more unattainable than getting 10,000 kinda fans. I think the article is a bit pointless because of that constraint. I just don’t think it’s that likely that there are 1,000 people out there, for any artist, who would literally buy EVERYTHING that artist ever comes out with. Maybe that’s just because I don’t do that for any of the artists I love, and consider myself a true fan of. I think the article would be more likely achievable and more believable if he put the terms in a more practical and tangible way. For example, if an artist has 1,000 true fans who spend X amount of money on their merchandise a year…etc, etc. But I like his idea that there are other ways for artists to support themselves beyond “hitting it big.”

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Homework 2: Infographic

Here is my infographic:



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Homework 2 part deux, favorite images

1. Bolivian Blue Bean Brew http://www.worth1000.com/entries/715791/bolivian-blue-bean-brew

I was originally attracted to this image because I like the color blue and I like coffee. But I appreciate how the designer used the old maps and the burlap bags to add more texture and dynamism to the composition. It;s also interesting how the inclusion of these images evokes concepts of trade and international market– from the beans to the brew. And the blue coffee swirl is nicely executed.


2. Corona Blue http://www.worth1000.com/entries/715799/corona-blue

Again, I like the color blue. I am impressed with the creator’s ability to convincingly render the beer color to blue. Also, their inclusion of “Azul” under the Corona label is a nice touch. I didn’t even notice at first that they had changed that because it was done so seamlessly. I also like the creativity in including “Azul.”


3. Vegas girl  http://www.worth1000.com/entries/715854/vegas-girl

I really like the concept behind this image. The roulette wheel really looks an eye. The added sensitivity to lighting (the highlight on the roulette wheel and the shadow from the eyelashes) really enhances the overall believability of this piece, as well as the rim of red around the “iris.” Another great area of sensitivity to detail is in the treatment of the card symbols. They really look like they are painted onto this girl’s skin. I don’t know how they achieved such a realistic effect: It looks more complicated than simple blending modes. The bend of the painted symbols with the movement of the flesh, the corresponding highlights, and the perspective (enhanced by blurring) push this image into a realm of possibility, rather than improbability.

4. Water Babies? http://www.worth1000.com/entries/305430/water-babies

This little bug is so convincing. It does look like it is made out of water. The way it holds and distorts a reflection of the leaves behind it, the texture of fallen rain over its body, and the splashing drop of rain are nice touches that increase the realism of this piece.

5. FUZZY FROG http://www.worth1000.com/entries/715688/fuzzy-frog

I just think this one is funny, but also convincing. I would like to have a fuzzy frog. Although I think the artist rendered the textures convincingly, I feel it could’ve benefited from more attention to shading. There are parts of the frog’s body that feel more like an applied pattern rather than fur on a living creature. I think the blue lacks the most necessary detail. And the eye could be more convincingly integrated into the body of the furry frog.


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