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homework#13- hing mai

ken burns story

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i will critique Steffan Petersen’s spritely hungry lion. I really like it, it’s entertaining. Everything feel so cartoon-ish, so instead of having the real tree, he could of draw one instead.? also have the lion on the horizon line, seems like the lion is floating now, and have the front hill ‘connect’, theres a gap there. its very nice overall.

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this is a cover music video of taylor swift’s safe and sound. i think she did a really great job of doing this cover song, i really like it.

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App-hing mai

app that let you design your own snowman!


Angry Pachinko

Assignment 11-hing mai


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This is a image gallery, the character moves when the cursor is placed on the right or left side. It’s just the legs part “move”, i used to play gaia back then. You create an avatar, and collect coins, fishing, card games,and move around in town, etc. Now I think in gaia, we can interact with the characters now, we can move and fight. Its a pretty cool social network game. Now i know they created this by using spritely, so this is very interesting.

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Art is always reproduce endlessly. Although this happens, it does not change the value of the original piece. People may have a copy of it as a souvenir or a poster, but the original would always be something engaging or worth seeing it in real life. That’s why they have mechanical reproduction of art if the “sacred” in art vanishes in a culture. I guess it  give the audiences a sense of ownership of a reproduction piece. And this way, everyone can enjoy it, or learn about it even if they have not seen in real life.

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Hing Mai-Assignment 8


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i have this plastic sunflower toy sitting on my window. it is very interesting because it moves under the sunlight. During the night time, it doesn’t move. it is solar powered.

here is a youtube video i found that is similar to what i have.

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homework#7- hing mai


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After reading this article, i understand more what is really copy and what is free. You cant really get everything free, like the article stated you can get a movie free after months it has released, but there wont be anything specials to it if you buy the actual movie. There are always the pros and cons of getting something free. People can nowadays download any music online, artists wont be able to make any profits because of that. Under the article, Patronage, fans like to purchase their idols music to reward them of their appreciation. This is a way to keep the artists going.

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hing mai-homework6


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hing mai-homework5

i was born in china, but never get to travel anywhere. so my favorite and most wanted place to travel is china. i wanted to go see the great wall in beijing, shopping center in hong kong, casino in macau, and the scenery in shanghai.




updated lion


Hing Mai-Assignment4



lion      i couldnt finish it because my monitor just shut off all the sudden and wont turn back on, so this is what i have so far. my desktop is the only computer i had CS5 installed.

this is the website i found so interesting. A lot of animation, and its very engaging. the illustrations are nicely done, and amazing interactions. its like youre holding the mp3, and it leads you into your own colorful world while listening to music.




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Hing Mai- Assignment #3


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Homework #1

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