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Assignment…. 13?

Here’s my Ken Burns Slideshow!

Assignment 12

Homework was displayed on my phone in class :)

Blog Post 12

I will critique Jona’s Lion video, found here Breathe in the Air.

I adore the variety of textures that you use through out this Jona. It makes a wonderful and rich experience that is completemented by the music that you chose.

My only real critiques are that the story is a little confusing, and that there seem to be some animation errors that leave behind some vector objects. Besides that, fantastic job!

Assignment 11

Here’s my slideshow! It’s called “Put Down the Type and Nobody Gets Hurt”

Blog Post 11

It said to post an entry in my blog, but it didn’t say what about.

I love cooking and combining flavors. Often I can combine flavors in my head to make the things that I like. Many times it works, sometimes it doesn’t

Today I had a cold glass of grape juice that I sprinkled some cardamom in. It was delicious

Assignment 10

Blog Post Number 10</h3

Personally, my favorite site that uses Spritely is Ikayzo, if only because of its subtlety, but also because it is used as an element in a fantastic design instead of being the lynchpin of the design.

Assignment 9

I ended up remaking a shooter game! I can’t upload it , but I have a screenshot.

Blog Post 9:

I think the question is not just if the audience takes art as something sacred, but if the artist does themselves. Walter Benjamin is worried about the reaction of culture to what was formerly its conscious and its looking glass—a problem that he himself addresses.

While art does lose its authenticity when reproduced mechanically, it gains a different sort of cultural weight. Mechanically reproduced classics give us the ability to understand the mindsets of past artists, while our present mass media, in film and other forms, represent a less sacred but still vital representation of a culture.

Walter Benjamin’s concern makes no sense to me because he never defines why this collective experience, this apparently vital agreement of what is culturally valuable, is necessary.

Assignment 8


Blog Post 8

One of my favorite designs in my wrist rest called Wrist Assist. The reason that I like it so much is really quite simple, it disappears. I think that a lot of design, good and practical design that is, should be self evident. It behaves the way it does and is made the way it is simply because it must be that way (Also known as the Jonathon Ives principle). It has become so vital to my use that I forget it’s there, and it blends seamlessly into my workflow.

Assignment 7

A Night Like This – Music Video from Lucas Roe on Vimeo.

Blog Post 7

Everyone knows that content creation costs money. If we want good content, we need to be willing to pay for it, right? Why are people so willing to pirate things when they know that it isn’t going to enable the continuation of its production?

I could argue that the reason behind this is socio-economic, but I think that solution is simpler: Piracy, copying is just a better product right now. Taking on a little risk is worth the immediacy, the product, and the price.

In an era of cheap and simplistic copying, the industries have simply not kept of with consumer demand, and have been eclipsed. Relating to each of the points made by Kevin in his article, here are some examples of the media producer’s failure, or someone else’s success.

Immediacy: This winter, I was fairly obsessed with the show “Breaking Bad” on AMC. I had gotten to the most recent season, season 4. If I had wanted to acquire season 4 through legal means, my only option was to order a DVD player that was from the Australian or Mexican DVD region, and then buy the shows from them. How does that make sense to anyone?

Personalization: iPhones. Androids. Why do people jailbreak their phones when it voids their warranty? Because they have the idea that when they own a physical product, they should be able to do what they want with it, including installing whatever software they deem fit.

Interpretation: This concept has barely been thought about by large businesses.

Accessibility: Steam did this well from the beginning. Don’t have space on your hard drive for your game? No deal, delete it. Download it again whenever you like. Some of the games even store your progress so you don’t have to retain those files.

Authenticity: People love buying music directly from an artist (see In Rainbows from Radiohead). It wasn’t just that they could pay what they wanted, but also that they knew that the money paid wouldn’t be running through the recording industrie’s broken model, but flowing directly to the artists and their costs.

Patronage: I’m willing to admit it, I loved the kid’s show “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. I watched the first 3 seasons without paying the content creators. When I saw they were coming out with a new series, I signed up for a week by week TV pass on my Amazon account. It’s immediate, they get some money, and I get to enjoy their content for the right price. Worth it!

Findability:This has been solved for the most part. It just needs to remain integrated.

Assignment 6

Here is my video responseHere is the RSAnimate referenced. 

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Assignment 4 & 5

I got behind, but here is my Lion animation!

Blog Post 4

Probably one of the most intense interactive experiences that I ever had was produced for The Arcade Fire by Chris Milk. The Website is called “The Wilderness Downtown” and it’s one of the most palpable examples that I have of saying to myself “I want to build that. Not something else, I want to know how to make that. The rich technology, the beautiful artistry, and the fantastic multi-layered music, combined with user input and personalization just makes my head spin. I’ve tried dissecting it a few times and it just constantly escapes my understanding.

Blog Post 5

I’ve never had much of a chance to travel, sadly. Being part of a lower middle class family, I started working when I was 10, and have spent a lot of my young adulthood having to do things on my own ticket. Most of my traveling has been driving to local places for short trips.

When I was a highschooler, before I had desk jobs and college, I had a particular love for backpacking. West Virginia was close and full of gorgeous unsullied wilderness, and my reminiscence of those times are warm and dusky memories: waking up surrounded by leaf litter and the peculiar cleanliness of virgin soil, breaking the crest of a mountain ridge and feeling the playful breeze that couldn’t find its way down the tree studded mountainside, drinking greedily of a burbling spring that fed a tiny and frigid creek that winded its way through the loam and over pebbles.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to take an expenses trip paid to Ireland. While I was in awe of the old stone structures and landmarks that our tour regularly took us too, the unbridled joy that poured into me like a torrent while I stood at the top of a heather capped peak, surrounded by the sea and rivers and a milk white sky will innervate me for a long time.

My ultimate hope is to be able to take a trip to New Zealand. The pictures that I see are enough to make me wistful.

Assignment 3: The Deal

The Deal – Assignment 3

Blog Post

Having 1000 true fans is significantly easier now then it was before the digital age. Previously, connecting with any large group of people was very one-sided. While you could get information out pretty easily (Relatively) through printed messages, television, and public talks, it was hard to fully engage the audience because of the difficulty of receiving a variety of opinions back from your audience

Facebook and Twitter are arguably the best ways to have a dialog with your fans. They have essentially replaced the concept of forums because they stripped away a lot of the extraneous elements and simply allowed a direct connection with a large group of people. The hardest thing for me is understanding what the fans would be so interested in about me. I can be somewhat witty, and someone good at design, but I don’t really consider myself on the cutting edge of either.

Branding the very specific combination of those things seems far too optimistic, but I won’t pass judgement before I give it a chance.

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Assignment 2 – Lucas Roe

LRoe-Project2 (It’s a PDF! Make sure you don’t view in Preview, but in Acrobat!)

Blog Entry

After browsing around Worth1000 (Endless rabbithole that it is), I finally decided upon this image in the “Out of Place” contest, titled “Stonehenge beach”

Stonehenge Beach by s4shaban.

What strikes me so intensely about this image is the combination of fantasies that it so deftly accomplishes. The beach itself is gorgeous and inviting, a place that most people would identify as a dream destination. Stonehenge is a classical destination for the modern tourist (And certainly a place I would like to see).

This manipulation, while quite skillful, is successful because of the fantasy that it invokes instead of just the trick that it plays

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Lucas Roe – Homework 1

Unfortunately, my homework is not complete. I’ll post what I have so far.

This is a story told to me by my co-worker, Nancy.

When I was young, I had hip surgery. This was in the 50s, so I had this
giant plaster cast. It covered my entire leg and part of my torso.


baby with cast, in horrible colors
My mother had put me down for a nap, not considering that my bed was next to a window
I pushed the screen out and fell into the garden.
Thankfully my neighbor saw me land in the flower bed, but imagine my mother's
suprise when she answered the door to see the neighbor holding me!