Assignment 13

I found this awesome website and I absolutely love the hand drawn elements. I think web sites like this should be much more prevalent.

Assignment 12

I found this interesting info while perusing the webdesignledger.com. I’m very intrigued by the web design trends of 2012. I’m especially drawn to the circles and the fixed position navigation. I’d like to bring some of these things into my work.

A Beautiful Spritely Page

After browsing the Spritely gallery for quite some time, I stumbled upon this site. I love the minute movement and I’m especially drawn to the typography. Absolutely beautiful.

Updated Pachinko Game

I’ve added a “Start” screen with a “Start” button and a “You Win!” screen. I think it gives it a more realistic game feel.


Updated Infographic

Here is a new infographic. I stuck with my original concept but I started over completely. I feel this one is a lot smoother since I’ve had the opportunity to fine tune my flash skills.


Assignment 11



I just watched Sam’s lion video and I really like the updated start button. The only thing I might change is the thin bright yellow box around the words, “lion animation” when it is moused over.  I’d prefer a bold line, if you feel the need to have a box at all. Maybe even just make the text get bold on the mouse over. Otherwise, awesome job. I love the way the lions head moves up and down while he sleeps. And the eyes…very realistic!

Assignment 10

Here is my Supersized Slideshow with my own Photography.

Check it out…

While perusing the web for other jQuery websites I found this:

Best JQuery Plug-ins of 2011

They all seem pretty fascinating but the one I’m most interested in is the one called arbor.js. I could see some really amazing things being done with that!








Supersized kittens

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Assignment 9

Here is my awesome Spritely page!

Walter Benjamin Reading Response

After reading, re-reading, and then reading again I feel like I might understand the reading. I think Walter’s concern is completely valid. As with anything, when more exists it is less valuable. That’s just how things work. If only one painting exists, there is only one location where everyone must go to view it. This is what makes it “sacred”. Once art reproduced endlessly, there is less significance to each and every piece.

With the age of mechanical reproduction it is inevitable that profound pieces of art will be reproduced endlessly. Although this might take away from the impact the piece has on a person, there is always going to be the original piece. That piece will always be sacred. The number of reproductions does not matter because none of them will do the real piece justice.

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Assignment 8

Here is a link to A WHOLE MINUTE of my music video!

TV Girl – If You Want It

Assignment 7: Initial Music Video Progress

Here is a link to the beginning of my music video for “If You Want It” by TV Girl.

Assignment 7

A Beautiful Design

After taking a peek around my house for a bit I settled on my roommate, Charlie’s boombox. I love it. It’s probably from the early 80s, but it is in terrific shape. It is bigger and bulkier than some of the boomboxes that you find today but I think that’s part of its charm. It can play and record cassettes and tune in to AM/FM radio. We’ve also managed to rig up our record player to play out of its speakers. The dull gray color of its exterior doesn’t take anything away from the beauty that can be found in its design. There aren’t too many buttons or dials and it’s easy to figure out. Most of all, I think I like the way it sounds. Something about loud music coming out of a small piece of plastic still amazes me..

“8 Generatives Better Than Free” Response

To me, the article rings true in every aspect described. Free is a funny thing. It’s rewarding to find something for free, but it isn’t always necessarily better than finding something that you need to pay for. I was interested to find out that when Radiohead let fans download their album for a price that they determined themselves, they averaged about $5 per album. How fascinating that everyone did not just enter $0.00 (as my broke ass would)!

Assignment 6

Here is my updated lion animation. I added a play button that “roars” when you mouse over it. I also made a movie clip for the lion’s tail.

Lion Animation: Round 2


Assignment 5

Here is the beginning of my lion animation:



I plan to add a lot more.

Assignment 4


Interactive Website

After scoping a few interactive sites that actually managed to distract me for a minute, I found this:


Initially I just loved the style of illustration used. However, I’m mostly intrigued by the complexity of the site. As soon as the page loads, things start moving and music starts playing. After a quick sweep of the mouse over the illustration, one finds that there are messages that pop up when you mouse-over the characters. The bottom banner that serves as the navigation bar for the site is unique and cleanly designed. Another interesting aspect of the site that I don’t think I have ever seen before is the floating “Tell A Friend” button. The illustration depicts the button as a cute hot air balloon. It’s exciting that as the balloon moves across the page, it can be clicked at any point. I’m glad to see that the Got Milk campaign is still going strong and that they are incorporating fresh interactivity into their website!