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assignment 5 – parallax

assignment 5 – sprite

assignment 6 – slider



assignment 10 – scroll o rama

assignment 11 – isotope

assignment 12 – animation thing

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homework 12


homework 11


I’m going to critique Rachel’s parallax from homework 5. I like that all of your images are the same size, and everything scrolls nicely. I have a problem with the third image though, as it doesn’t seem to go with the rest of them. While the other three have warm tones and show indoor scenes, the third one is cool and snowy and outdoors. I would change it so that all four are inside, or I would add more variation so that the snowy one doesn’t seem out of place.


super duper scrolly rama

Blog post. This blog post is about cookies. Cookies are delicious.

homework 9



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Provost e-card


My Favorite Website


My favorite website is YouTube, though to be honest, I think the design of the website needs to be worked on. There are a couple of major flaws that really impact the usability of the site. The first issue is with the inbox. People can send each other messages through YouTube, but there is no inbox button to view them! You need to remember to manually go to youtube.com/inbox to check your messages. Another issue is a feature that they just recently removed, video responses. Video responses were a way that viewers could connect with content creators by making videos, and linking them to the original video that they watched. YouTube recently removed this feature, saying that not enough people utilized them, but I think that video responses were an integral part of the YouTube community.

homework 6



provost desk


Here is my slider

Homework 5

Here is my sprite

And here is my parallax

How Successful Networkds Nurture Good Ideas

As someone who spends 90% of my free time on the internet, I can definitely agree that the collective mind of the masses helps to inspire great ideas that might not have been thought of otherwise. I get most of my inspiration from things online, whether it be from something that someone said, or something that I saw. If I didn’t have access to this massive network of people, everything that I do would be completely different. Thanks to the internet, I have a great network of friends from around the world. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and have a wide variety of experiences to draw from, and they help me to see the world in a completely different way than I otherwise would have.

The article mentions that 90% of everything created is crap, but I think that’s okay. You need to make the really bad stuff before you can get better. As long as you’re constantly producing things, you will eventually improve.

Interactive Website

This is a website that I really enjoy. Its purpose is quite simple, to congratulate the British team on their performance in the Olympics. However, this website is both funny and creative. It relies on a simple mechanic (scrolling) to tell a story. As you scroll, various images appear and move across the screen, such as the Queen parachuting through with a union jack parachute, people bicycling, and people rowing in boats. The illustrations are simple and fun, and make the viewer want to keep scrolling.

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Homework 4

hotel website design room page mood board

Homework 3

homework 3

1000 True Fans

I think the idea of having 1,000 true fans is both exciting and overwhelming. It would be amazing for that many people to be interested in my work, but it was would also be somewhat scary. I’m a pretty shy person, so the thought of that many people being interested in me and my work is foreign and sort of terrifying. To keep in contact with all of those people, I would have a website! I might keep a blog as well, since “true fans” would probably also be interested in hearing about my life, and not just be strictly interested in my artwork.

Homework 2

My favorite image from the Worth1000 is called Darth Homer http://www.worth1000.com/entries/460781/. It’s funny, and is well rendered! It looks quite realistic.. well, as realistic as Hoer Simpson in a Darth Vader suit can be!

And here is my second assignment: interactivemedia.seancohen.com/fa2013/rice.delaney/homework2/index.html

Homework 1