Assignment 13 – Courtney Stasko

Of course my life sucks right now, I am struggling to get caught up with the project from your class that I am just lost on! And I have so much going on at home with doctors appointments, etc. Right now I am very frustrated that no matter how well everything is working, the link to my project on here is not working. I don’t understand. So yes, I am stressed and yes I am thankful that this semester is so close to being done so I can sit back and let all this new knowledge sink in.


Bacon <—not perfect, not sure what is wrong


Assignment 12 – Courtney Stasko

Blog Entry:

Creative Placement is simple yet hip with a limited palette of orange, green and black. I want to like this site but it is so text heavy! Add some more images or blocks of color because the endless amounts of text makes me want to leave.

24SevenTalent is fun with a vibrant color palette and a bouncing personality. I do find it a tad too busy as I want to explore everything and everywhere at once. I really like the simple iconography used for the buttons opposed to a navbar regarding the different job categories.

Artisan Creative is a clean site. It is not crowded or plain. I do find it leaning more towards the personality that a trip to a medical spa because it seems so tranquil and I feel that it is the wrong personality for job placement. People need to be revved up to find a job and feel like you are excited to help them do it. There is too much white, I would like to see more of the other colors pop up.

Vitamin Talent is a very interactive and modern site, much more so than the majority of the talent placement agencies that I came across on the web. It is very clean with a pleasing color palette. Although it is specifically directed towards creative individuals, I found it to be an interesting site that I wished to explore. I also like that I did not feel like I had items competing for my attention on the page.





assignment 6- courtney stasko



Tutorial #1

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 8.26.21 PM


Tutorial 2

Game Salad: coming soon…



Assignment 11 – Courtney Stasko

Blog Post: Review of Brett’s Infographic

I thought that Brett was very creative in adding his infographic to a foundation layout since that is what we had previously worked on. The page that infographic is in is a bit plain and the green navbar at the top is very bright compared to the teals used within the infographic.

I like the infographic. It is nice how the shape of the information boxes are rounded just like the font. The colors are funky enough to blend in with the roundness of the font and layout as well.

The hot spots at the bottom seem to pop out of no where since most of the infographic is about sex, race and status. Perhaps adding in some educational statistics and household income might make this transition better.




idea for use of an isotope design–> I think the isotope idea could be used to make family trees, sorting by title and gender. I also think it could be used to make a very elaborate family tree with photos for each person and multiple families and generations.




Assignment 10 -Courtney Stasko

Sadie Nash Scrollorama


Blog Post: Lynda.com

Lynda.com has become an invaluable tool for me in regards to learning anything I wish to know about graphic and web design. It has tutorials available ranging from beginning Photoshop to learning php. Tons of software programs, social media, coding and levels of proficiencies are available. The possibilities are endless with Lynda.com.

I discovered Lynda.com in my Web1 class and fell in love. It is so informative and detailed. The videos allow me to watch as I learn and pause if I need to back up or step away. I signed up recently because I want to learn all that I can and Lynda.com will allow me to learn and perfect the skills that I want, on my own time and at my own pace.

You can try out Lynda.com at $25 a month, $37.50 a month for premium access or sign up for an annual subscription at $250 or $375 for Premium. I initially signed up for the basic $250 annual subscription but was largely disappointed. It did not offer nearly enough for me to feel that the $250 was worth it. I plunged ahead and upgraded to the premium annual subscription. At $125 more than the basic, it is definitely worth the upgrade. Everything is available to you and you just learn so much.

Assignment1- Courtney Stasko


Assignment 7- Courtney Stasko

My favorite website is Amazon.com. I shop Amazon all of the time because I find so many good deals through their site. But I also think that I am so loyal to Amazon is because their site is clean and easy to navigate. The options go on and on but in a common sense way so I can refine my search to the nitty gritty. I also love that it offers me product suggestions based on my previous purchasing and browsing history. It tailors my visit to my preferences and it keeps updating itself with each visit that I make.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 9.55.36 AM   Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 10.00.30 AM



Here is my facebook page, which I did for my parent’s shop. I did two variations and I am still trying to tweak it.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 3.11.18 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-08 at 4.11.57 PM

Assignment 6-Courtney Stasko

I cannot get logged into filezilla so I have finally succumbed to just a screenshot


Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 8.26.21 PM


I did not do the moderate one because the tutorial was done so I was a little lost on what to do. And the last one was hard, in my opinion.




<–it previewed fine in the browser from dreamweaver so I am baffled. I redid it in class tonight but I can’t get Filezilla to work.


I’ll be on Sunday night to learn GameSalad.



Assignment2-Courtney Stasko



Infographic on Anaheim, California

Assignment 5-Courtney Stasko

I am super late with this. I missed class and forgot that I never posted my work. Oops.





landing page:



paralax: I am still having trouble with this.




Assignment 4 – Courtney Stasko



I absolutely agree with the article. Designers, indeed, should learn how to code. It is important to be well-rounded in all aspects of your work and coding is included. It can only make you more successful in your designs if you can understand the complications that come with coding and how they can interfere with the designs you put out. It makes me think of fashion designers that have no idea how clothes look on different body types. It could be a gorgeous article of clothing but look horrible on the recipient because it doesn’t suit her body style. Same thing goes with coding. The design could be flawless. Absolutely stunning. However, if the design doesn’t work with say an iPad screen {for example} then you are out of luck. You have to know the potential roadblocks that you or your client may encounter.

venetian2<– Redesign of The Venetian

Assignment 3-Courtney Stasko

Original Homepage

Above I took a screenshot of the Venetian Hotel webpage. I am very disappointed in the site. I feel it is repetitive, boring, lacks color and contains some questionable information.




Upon rearranging the homepage to my liking, I decided that the homepage should have an image of the hotel. I mean, YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! This is VEGAS! I felt that the other elements could be reduced in size and some eliminated.



I also redesigned the Dining page. The original {as most of the site} is a listing of TYPES OF DINING. It was so boring and nothing stood out to grab your attention. It was also a bit busy.



Again, the Activities page was boring and in a listed format. It lacked color and interest. Since the SPA is a main attraction of the hotel, I decided it needed some emphasis.