I learned so much even though it is not obvious, the frustration weirdly enough helped me learned.

But, anyways here are 8 AWSOME project learned from the master

Class 1: Foundations my first website, no coding)

Class 2: Ken burn, it is not that BAD!

Class 3: DC hotel site (beautiful and you know it)

Class 4: Mood Board (that replaced the royal slider)

Class 5: Parallax Page (the first time I cheated! AND IT WAS AWSOME!!! THANK YOU!!!)

Class 6: Part 2, one of the tutorials, the one with the blurred background (very fun)

Class 9: eCommerce (beautifully simplified and to the point)

And the finally…… Class 11: Isotope (this is the one that I felt the most pain and it i am GLAD that I didn’t give up…more than 10 times….I cried twice making this, punched my pillow, and felt the slowest to understand it but it is not always speed)

These are my 8 projects that you did not give up on me and I did not let you down!



Thank you for all the crap, misery, and words that can not describe what I went through in this class…now I must spread it across the world!

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4 Placement Agencies

To me these are the top 4 placement agencies. They are very good or searching what you want and need and they are efficient in whatever you are looking for no matter which side you are on, wether you are the hirer or candidate.


Kelly Services It breaks down what kind of job yo want (temporary, full time, etc.)

Find a Recruiter this breaks it down by what job field you are in or want to be in

Robert Half this breaks it down by job title and area you want to work in

Seek Searches what is available to the hirer. It is only what is in the site and what the employer puts on this site.


eCommerce: Home + Internal





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Class 11

This is my Isotope…only took me 12 hours to do it and almost two weeks just to understand it but its AWSOME!!! AND I MADE A WEBSITE EVEN THOUGH I WAS TAUGHT NOTHING!!! I AM VERY PROUD OF MY WORK!! Yes, there are things that can improved, but damn it don’t ruin my happiness for at least a week! Thank You!


But I really like Ted’s scrollorama thingy (what ever it was called). But I love the colors he used and the interesting things that he have on the site. I feel very awake and positive. I love that he added personality to the original scroll aroma. No he didn’t really change anything visually but he created a story and that is were he added the creativity and his youth is what the project know that Ted made THIS work.

Class 6pt 2.2

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Class 6 Pt 2.1

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Random blog for class 10

This blog is about today’s cookies. Why cookies? why not?cookies are simplistic and can be a huge variety  without breaking the pocket. Cookies are easy to bring people in. Just looking at the cookies without any smell or not knowing the flavor, people will always try it no matter what. If they don’t like it people are ganna eat it anyway or they will hate it until someone tells them the flavor that they hate the most in the world. Cookies complicatedly simple.

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Rese Scarbor game


Favorite website 10/28/13

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.36.47 PMThis is my favorite website because of the interaction you can have with it and you can get lost in it and still find more things to do!

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Homework/ Class 5

This is my parallax slider, you weren’t specific about the type and this was much easier for me. I used the images and texts from the mood board that was previously assigned to us before.


This is suppose to be my sprite link, to see the actual animation it has to be opened in photoshop…in the process of figuring it out

Homeowork 5 pt1

The blog reading was very interesting and very true, scary but true. We now care about how the reader reads our post/blogs then actually being correct with our grammar.  Add Media

Weekly Website #2

This website is by Cilantro. It is a coffee shop that is originally from Egypt and is slowly franchising all over the world slowly but surely.This site is one out of 30 websites to win for its design. The site is very interactive and adds color to the “coffee stained” background . It has many options for you to explore around the website. There are plenty of options for you to click too and you want to go further into the site and get lost with it. It prevents you from scrolling with forces you to be interactive with the site. With in each selection there are also the same menu that was at the home page or you can click to go back, the subtitles that lead to the other links are not as interactive as the main menu but its there if you wanted to go somewhere else in the site.

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Mood Board


Homework 4 pt2

Blog 1

This website is Cartoon Network. I really love the animation in the background and the breaks between the slides are a “curtain” of blocking moving into place and exploding out to the viewer’s perspective. I also Like the width of the slideshow but the entire wireframe of the site is not as wide and I believe that it complements the whole entire website. When you put your cursor on top of the pictures above the title pops up but only pops you when you want it to, meaning it only pops up when you hold it there in the right moment were its long enough to not pop up even if you wave over the picture by accident and its doesn’t annoyingly pop up but but not too long of a wait that you feel that your computer has frozen. The lighting in the slideshow is settle but defendant.

Rese Scarbor #2

1000 Fans

If I had a thousand fans I would be honored and then I would ask myself: really? ME?!?! From then on Out I would not disappoint my fans and work harder and harder each work that I put out and draw every waking second to make sure that I will NEVER disappoint my fans. I also want those thousand fans to influence another friend to double the amount, which means double the work I have to do to maintain those second wave of fans.

Worth 1000: Water Nymph

I really appreciate this work because it shows the connection between the human body and the body of nature. It also shows great work of the body and the curves of the women. The colors are very neutral and mute. The highlights of the pink in the flowers are great on the mute colors. The background of the work shows more detail instead of extending the river/stream.



homework 2

This is my link.

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homework 1