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assignment 4 part  1   assignment 4 part  1

assignment 5 parralax  assignment 5 alert

assignment 6 moon   assignment 6 slider  Alien Blast.gameproj

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My life is so hard right now. Nah I’m just messing with you. It’s not that bad. I have had a lot of opportunities open up recently. The best part is I am graduating and I don’t have any stupid test this final week. Thank god for that because I do have to get my final portfolio together for job interviews. Other then that, my BFA is done and hanging as we speak and I have one art history paper I have to write. I’m set with my work in this class as well so I can’t complain.

assignment 12 brett shinsky


LVH Layout

Assignment 11 Brett Shinsky

Whats in My stomach Isotope Design

Whats in my stomach







Cody Swan was able to create a strong flash animation design advertising the NCAA Tournament. His use of the button tool is very successful and easy to navigate through the piece. The only thing that I would change would be marking where the buttons would take you and the information you will see. The other thing would be to talk about the teams in the tournament as well. Other then that it is a very strong piece that shows his skills as a designer.

brett shinsky assignment 10

sadie nash

Well my post is going to be about how much I hate super scrollorama. It seemed like every time I got it to work, it would blow up if I made one change. After I got through this project I can actually say I am happy with this piece but i don’t see me using this animation style again. Can’t believe its almost the end of the semester. Well the good thing is I am actually graduating.

brett shinsky assignment 9

Vegas Flash

disney site

The disney site is completely made with flash. Easy to work and very interactive. My mind is blown by how they were able to create this site. I enjoyed going through the website and playing with the different features. I noticed sometimes it was a bit choppy but only once or twice.

Assignment 7 Brett Shinsky

Stay Vegas Page


Favorite Web Page


The Nike website is one of my favorite looking websites. This is one of the easiest sites to navigate. I has a clean look but a high end style to it. The layout is very strong with a great sense of grid work and there is a strong use of white space which I feel is important for a website. The cont is very strong and the navigation style is unique to me. The use of drop downs that feature imagery is something that you dont see often. If I was going to base a website of a strong layout then I would use the Nike website for my foundation. Take a chance to check it out.

assignment 6 brett shinsky

type tutorial 


slider parallax


gradient background 

Alien Blast.gameproj

assignment 5 Brett Shinsky



Brett Shinsky Assignment 4

I completely agree with the argument this article makes. I’m at the point where I am just learning basic code again because it has been so long. This allows the artist to know whats possible when deigning the layoit of a site if they know basic code. It also makes your stock go up as a designer in the job market. As designers we need to know all aspects of the field to be a more well rounded designer.

Here is the redesigned home page and one other page I did.


aria site layout


aria site layout experience

Brett Shinsky Assignment 3

For this project I was assigned the Aria Sky Resorts. This is a very highly ranked resort in Vegas. When I first looked at the website, I noticed that the color scheme was kinda week and the placement of certain elements could be refreshed. The site had strong elements, it just needed a more organized look in my opinion. I also felt that the homepage needed a little more information on it. This is a beautiful place so I wanted the photographs  chosen to show off the rooms and the outside as well. These were that made changes that I made to this website.


mainpage mainpage photo1




aria site layout

Brett Shinsky Assignment 2

assignment 2

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