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Homework 12: animation

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Homework 2: ken burns effect

Assignment 12

Animation thing.


For the blog, I’m going to talk about these four talent agency websites.
This was probably my favorite website mainly because of the homepage. I really enjoyed the background, logo, and the simplicity of it. United Talent’s website has welcoming colors, an interesting background, and the navigation is simple to use and see the text. Normally, white text on black backgrounds are hard to read but this site does well with making it easy to read because of the colors used around the page.

This website, unlike United Talent, doesn’t have much of a background that you can see (well at least not on my laptop). It also jumps right to the point with many different agencies on the homepage along with a navigation to search for what you need. This can be successful because people who come to the website don’t have to navigate through link after link to find what they need. However, it’s a lot less interesting and less appealing to the eye than the first site.

This site was very overwhelming to me, solely because of the left column that seems to make you have to scroll for miles…and miles… It has some good parts to it (such as the use of photos along with text to accompany them) but it also has some bad parts (such as the huge block of text in the center column). Another thing I didn’t like was how small the navigation bar was. If the photos/text on the left hand column were maybe divided into two columns, I feel it’d be more successful.

This website, like United Talent, was very easy to navigate through and was welcoming (in my opinion). Although it’s very simple and easy to use, I feel as if more imagery could benefit the page. It was just a little boring to me. It was, however, very professional feeling with how crisp the page was set up and the text faces that were used. I also enjoyed how no matter where you navigated to through the page, the contact number was clearly seen in all of them to draw peoples’ eyes to it.

Assignment 11

Here’s my isotope.


For my blog post, I’ll be critiquing Natalie Reed’s parallax from homework assignment 5. Here’s the link to it. What I really liked about her parallax was the background pictures she used. She found really good quality photos that emphasized what she was trying to draw attention to. I also really liked the font she used in the “Happy Holidays” that shows across the center of each frame. That particular font is easy to read and the use of a snowflake as the dot for the “i” is very creative. Things that could improve are the legibility of the fonts in the lower left hand corner, especially for slide 4. Also, I noticed in the last slide, she wrote “Lovel” instead of “Lovely” which is an easy fix. Overall though, I really enjoyed the parallax and the “Warm Thoughts” slide was my favorite because she used more than one image scrolling through (gloves, cookies, hot chocolate). I do think the turkey picture could be taken out though.


Welp, here’s my scrollorama. It’s about my weird family. Enjoy!


For my random blog, I’m gonna write about how much I hate the winter time. One reason I hate it is because of the snow. I don’t know how the hell I used to play in the cold snow when I was younger. I can barely even get warm in my own room nowadays. My room is literally the coldest room in my house. I hate sleeping with socks on; however during the winter time, if I don’t sleep with socks on, my feet basically turn into icesicles. It’s a problem. Another reason I hate it is because I always get stuck in my house since my car is not very…snow-friendly. It slides in everything. And my immune system sucks so I get sick every other week. The end.

Homework 9

Here’s homework 9:

Ecommerce website homepage.

Ecommerce website internal page.



Here’s my game.

Assignment 7

Here’s my final animation.






I don’t really have a favorite website but imgur is one I find myself on quite frequently when I’m bored. It has some of the funniest pictures, memes, and gifs all on one website. You can choose a specific category to look at or you can just browse what’s popular. I didn’t know about the website until my friend introduced it to me and I’m glad he did. It’s one of the easiest ways to consume your free time if you’re just looking for some laughs and funny pictures. Once you reach the bottom, more images automatically load so you don’t even have to do much work (for all the lazy people out there).


Here’s my redo of homework 6: the sequence tutorial. I changed the background image so it wasn’t “sci-fi” like. And I changed the fireplace slide to something that would fit into the background better.


Here’s my redo of homework 5: the spritely animation. I restarted from scratch since my first one was pretty awful. Originally, I had a “sporadic balloon” bouncing across the screen. This time, I’ve made the animation into a night sky theme. I used a star spinning across the frame (hopefully smoother than my balloon). I also have a rocket ship coming up into the frame. Since my objects were cartoon-ish, I added a filter onto the sky background to make it look less realistic to fit the theme.


I’ll be resubmitting other projects as well, as I finish them.

Assignment 6

Here is part 1: my remake from the sequence website.


Here is part 3: my animation for the provost.


Part 2 wasn’t required to do but that’s what our blog for the week was supposed to be about. Instead, I’ll explain what I did for my animation. For the animation, I just found a nice looking desk and then found the materials that would need to be on the desk as well. I included a pen holder, a coffee cup, a rubber stamp, and some photos of Towson during the winter time. To animate the text, I used clipping masks and motion tweening to animate the letter word-by-word. I also animated the stamp moving to stamp Towson University’s logo onto the top of the letter. I’d like to add more animation to the project and make it cleaner/clearer but I’ll save that for next week.

Homework 5

Here’s my sprite animation:


Here’s my parralax:

Homework 5 blog

I have mixed feelings about this article. Since I don’t really write nor read for fun in my spare time, I can’t relate to the author’s viewpoint. I do, however, understand what the author is trying to convey to the readers. They want it to be known that it’s common for people to perform better when they know an audience will be judging them or looking/reading their work.

I agree and disagree with this statement. I agree because it makes sense why people would try harder to get a better review and leave a better impression on someone higher up. I, however, cannot relate to this statement 100%. When I do writing assignments for classes and such, I do try to do a better job than if no one was reading it. On the other side, when I do art work, I mainly focus on creating something I, myself, find pleasing to my eyes and what I think will look okay. I may keep a small bit of attention into others who may be looking at my pieces to make sure it could be pleasing to others and capable of being understood after some explaining.

Homework 4

Here is my hotel website redo.

Here is my hotel website “rooms” page.

Here is my winter moodboard.

Homework 4 interactive website

Since there weren’t any interactive websites that popped out in my head, I did some research to find some. One of the most interesting ones I found was called blacknegative. The overall layout to this website caught my attention because it starts off with a simple circle with directions on how to work the page. You begin by browsing through projects and information about the website. Once you open the webpage, you can choose the Menu option at the bottom to look through more projects. I really enjoyed the layout of the animations because they were easy to use, pleasing to the eye, and complex. Once you open certain projects, there are more interactive parts. For example, the “What’s Hot” page was really well thought out.


Here is my homework.

1000 True Fans

To me, having 1,000 “true fans” would be absolutely amazing. It’s really inspiring hearing about people who have true fans that are willing to buy anything and everything from an artist they love. However, I don’t find this 100% accurate because I feel as if there can be people that are true fans of an artist but don’t have the money to buy everything the artist has made. In my opinion, a true fan is one who follows your work carefully and appreciates your work for what you’re able to convey in the piece. If the concept of a “true fan” is completely possible, it’d be amazing to have 1,000 people willing to do that for my artwork. I’m not sure how I would contact them because that’s a lot of people, but it’d be nice to interact with them and find out what they like about my art.

Homework 2

Here is my homework.

Worth 1000

One of my favorite pieces from the Worth 1000 website was this one. I like the serene feel of the setting the two mythical girls are placed in and how the ray of sunlight seems to be shining down between the two of them. The horns, hoofed feet, and tails are very well blended into the photographs of the two girls.


Another one of my favorite pieces was the fairy one. What I liked about this was the use of mixed media (photography and painting). I really enjoyed the color scheme because it gave off a very peaceful vibe. I also like how the background isn’t focused except for on the flowers and the main focus is on the girl.


A third piece I liked was this odd one. What I liked about this one was the humor factor that’s relayed in the caption of the piece. I also liked the background of the piece because it’s kind of vibrant, but still peaceful at the same time.


A final piece I found interesting was this ghost ship one. This caught my attention because of the contrast between the woman’s white dress and the white ship against the very dark background. The water is so beautiful and peaceful as there seems to be something a little morbid going on in the piece. I really liked the detail and attention paid to the hair and dress of the woman, giving them both dimension.


Here’s my homework.