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Assignment 13-Redo


Assignment 13-Blog Post

So all of my sports teams have been terrible lately. The capitals just lost in overtime because they gave up a goal in the last 10 seconds and the Orioles allowed 4 home runs to one hitter in a game yesterday. Unbelievable.

Assignment 13

I’m not to familiar with how to do this seeing as I never have taken a www class or anything on code. I filmed my original cartoon but I intend to work on it more to make it more appealing.

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Assignment 12 Blog Post

I’m critiquing Justin’s assignment 8. I really enjoyed how his patterning flowed with the music. The transitions were very smooth and consistent which made it easy for the viewer to stay invloved. If there was one thing that could maybe put it over the top, it would be some incorporation of color.

Assignment 11 Update

I listened to what the class had to say and altered my pictures.


Final Project- Assignment 12

This is an animation I’ve been working on for the past 4 weeks on drunk driving. I used the program Maya. I was able to finish it thanks to the time I was given.

Drunk Driving

Assignment 11 Blog Post

My friends band (Daytona Drive By) is playing tomorrow night at the Recher Theatre. They play a variety of rock and raggae. I would compare them to styles such as Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with a bit of 311. If that sounds interesting to you, come! It’s only $10. Here’s all the information:
Thursday, April 26
Doors are at 7pm
$10 (+3 at the door if you’re under 21)

7:30 – Good Vibe Tribe
8:30 – Wandaliz
9:30 – The Krumpled Ones

Assignment 8 Redo

I liked the class advice and made my overall video darker.


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Assignment 11


Blog Post- Assignment 10

Heres a site made through spritely displaying the portfolio of an artist. He intercts with the viewer by having you drag and drop his different categories into this hole of death. The background moves, has an animal in the foreground, and overall is quite interactive.


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Assignment 10

Here is the video for the Purfect Pitch team that I just inserted into the channel I made for last class. There was quite a bit of editing needed in order to hear them; and a transition in the middle due to a fan screaming behind me; but it captures their performance and has an interview with a member towards the end.


Assignment 9 Blog Post

When art is reproduced endlessly it reduced the chances of surprise. Even though new art is criticized harshly, that’s because it is new to the public. When the “sacred” in art vanishes society moves towards new movements; in this case mechanical reproduction. In painting, it is very hard for a general audience of critics to meet and discuss there views. That is why reproduction was brought about. Regardless tho, art in general will always have a sense of sacredness no matter how much reproduction occurs.

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Assignment 9

Since I’m going to the Orioles game this Wednesday I created a youtube channel for Towson’s Purrfect Pitch group, to show the class. I will post the actual video I make by the following Wednesday at latest. Also, I have attached a link for a video I made and posted this Friday for a Baltimore Soccer Tournament (hosted by Elite Tournaments). If my Purrfect Pitch video I’m going to create is enough for assignment 10 that’d be great. If not just email me at and I’ll also complete the actual assignment you post tomorrow.

1)Youtube Channel:

2)Baltimore Mania Boys Video:

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Blog Post- Room Object

I have this Monster Energy drink poster hanging on my wall that a friend gave me. It is all green with the drummer from “Kottonmouth Kings”, who’s wearing a wig with glasses on. Then on the top of the poster his drum set is displayed through different windows with a hot girl posing in each one. The best part is that it’s signed by the drummer; Lou-Dog. I always thought it was well designed, crazy, and overall a great gift that fit my room.

Assignment 8

updated music video

Assignment 7

music video

Assignment 7- Better Then Free

After Reading this article I was really able to understand how everything is copied in society. It made me think in depth on quite a few marketing techniques that affected me personally. For example, when movies are released onto dvd they come out with directors cuts, unrated versions, and deleted scenes. These techniques always appeal to me, and I feel as though I need to see these little additions, and in some cases I end up buying the movie just because of that. But this goes for everything, and he explains that throughout the article. There is a variety of copied material, that is used to effect different people throughout society. I would recommend this to my peers.

Assignment 2 updated

Made visual more readable and clear.

Assignment 6

web address for video: