Assignment 13 – Ashley Hauck

Website for a Cause

Still can’t figure out how to make it interactive because I am terrible at Flash and already late on this project, so i’m an just turning it in as a non-working site. I chose to do my assignment on Cleaning Buckets for Hurricane Sandy.

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Assignment 12 – Ashley Hauck


Here’s the link to my photo blog. However, like a few others in the class, many of my images are not appearing :\

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Assignment 11 – Ashley Hauck

Instead of creating a video game, I went ahead and redesigned the artist’s page of my vector website:

Artist’s Page

Assignment 10 – Ashley Hauck

Within the last year or so, I have become much more familiar with Illustrator and vector art. As an inspiration for my own vector work, I like to find other artists who have similar design style as me. For this assignment I decided to create a website based on a list of numerous vector artists. Here is an example of my homepage and artists page:


Artists Page



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Assignment 9 – Ashley Hauck


I did a search of the top 50 parallax websites and found iutopi, a website for a company that does branding, graphic, and web design. What I liked about this design was that it in order to make it more interactive for the users, they created a story line and had it so the users had to scroll down, or click buttons in order to get more information and see more of the story. I thought the illustrations were fun and made the website much more enjoyable to look through. It also proved that the designers were good at what they do (graphics and web design).


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Assignment 8 – Ashley Hauck

Website for a new Children’s Clothing Boutique:




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Assignment 7 – Ashley Hauck

Towson Website

Sitting in my room, I notice a beautifully designed poster hung up on the wall. The first thing I notice about it is the bright neon red color with the large bold text laid on top of it. The text, being white, is big enough to become a shape on the poster saying “OPEN.” It also fades into the white border, allowing the rest of the smaller black text on top of that to stand out. The simple design makes this poster very readable, yet the color choices make it eye popping and pleasing to look at, hence the reason I have it hanging up in my room :]

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Assignment 6 – Ashley Hauck

Home Page

Gallery Page

Internal Page


“Better Than Free” Reaction

With all the new technology coming out these days, there are plenty of ways to access things in a cheaper, faster way (music, photos, books, movies, programs, etc.) The issue is, they are not always the best quality you could be getting. With that, there is the question of whether it is worth it or not. I feel that the price you pay for something mostly depends on time and quality. For example, the price you pay for immediacy depends how valuable your time is. If, for example, you are doing a homework assignment for a web-design, is it worth the time and money to take professional pictures? Or is it better to save time and money and download pictures from the internet? In every situation it is different. Quality can also be important for me. If, for instance, a new action-packed movie were to come out, it would be much more worth my time to pay and see it on the big screen than to watch it boot-legged on my small computer screen.


With the internet giving you free access to so many things, it is important to stop and think about whether it is worth it to jeopardize the quality, authenticity, personalization, etc in order to save yourself some time and money.



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Assignment 5 – Ashley Hauck

I am not much of a traveller, although if I had the time and money, I would LOVE to travel all over the place! Of the places I have been, anywhere that represents somewhere completely different than where I am from (Maryland) is my favorite. I love exploring new places and seeing new things. This next weekend I will be traveling to Asheville, NC to visit a friend. Going hiking there in the mountains is a wondrous thing and anytime I can get the chance to do such things, I am down and willing! If I could pick a place now to travel, I would either go to S. America, Asia, or Colorado (if I had to choose in the US). All of these places are completely different than Maryland and I would love to gain some new insight after traveling there.


Ritz Carlton: Washington, DC

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Assignment 4 – Ashley Hauck

A website that I am constantly shuffling through is Pinterest.com. It is very interactive in many ways. For one, it lets you organize and share links, videos, and images you find throughout the web, with friends. You use what are calledpinboards to setup organized groups of things that interest you. Browsing through Pinterest is my favorite part. I enjoy seeing what other people are interested in and it helps me get inspiration from all across the web.


Autumn Slideshow:

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Assignment 3 – Ashley Hauck

1000 True Friends


Over this past summer I started to sell a few of my designs at a local bird store. Since this is my first real experience selling my art, it was very exciting for me and after my first sale I imagined myself selling millions of dollars worth of art and living happily ever after. Through this process I remember my dad simply telling me that if I were to sell 1000 copies of art a year, at $100 a piece, I would be able to make $100,000 a year. Just as the article stated, if I could come up with a new design once a year and had 1000 fans buy that art every year….I would be set! This article really made me think more about what my dad said and realize that I dont have to reach a full sense of stardom in order to be successful. This is quite the relief to me!


Hypertext is text displayed on a screen that can directly connect you to another reference. The three links posted under the homework assignment are examples of hypertexts.


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Assignment 2 – Ashley Hauck

1)  My lion story:

2) These were my four favorite pieces after browsing through the images on Worth1000.com:

I thought this image (related to the Olympics) was very clever and articulated in a way that looks realistic. The artist did a great job connecting the sharks to the original image.

This was another Olympics image I thought was clever. The perspectives match up really well with the diver and cliff, making it look like a photograph.


This picture caught my eye because of the hilarious and exaggerated expression on the cat’s face. Also, the perspective and depth of the image really pulls the cat towards the viewer making it that much more dramatic.


I thought this image was very interesting because of the subject matter. I have always thought it would be exciting to be a small person and go out exploring, and this puts me in that place. The perspective (looks as though we are a small animal peering through the bushes at this tiny person) brings it to life by placing the viewer on the ground with the person.


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Class #2 – URL

here is my url for class #2


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Assignment 1 -Ashley Hauck

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Thoughts & LinkedIn

After last week’s ‘intimidation session’ I have come to understand that it will probably take me a few weeks to warm up to the way this class is run and, although I hate to admit that I agree with a lot of what Sean was telling us, I am still nervous about what is to come. That being said, I am definitely looking forward to what I will be getting out of his class this semester and most importantly, what I will be learning about web design. Hopefully it wont be too rough of a roller coaster ride :P












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