The Deal – Assignment 3

Blog Post

Having 1000 true fans is significantly easier now then it was before the digital age. Previously, connecting with any large group of people was very one-sided. While you could get information out pretty easily (Relatively) through printed messages, television, and public talks, it was hard to fully engage the audience because of the difficulty of receiving a variety of opinions back from your audience

Facebook and Twitter are arguably the best ways to have a dialog with your fans. They have essentially replaced the concept of forums because they stripped away a lot of the extraneous elements and simply allowed a direct connection with a large group of people. The hardest thing for me is understanding what the fans would be so interested in about me. I can be somewhat witty, and someone good at design, but I don’t really consider myself on the cutting edge of either.

Branding the very specific combination of those things seems far too optimistic, but I won’t pass judgement before I give it a chance.