I couldn’t think of any interactive media websites that I love. So, I did a little research and looked at award winning websites. I found The Royal Flemish Philharmonic for Kids website:

I love this website firstly because I am a musician, so anything about music excites me. It is also beautifully designed. It incorporates an interface that is sleek and exudes an air of sophistication in congruence with the purpose of the organization. Yet, the design is interactive, approachable, and exciting, which will appeal to children.

They chose a creative way to contain the website’s information in a literal way. It is enclose within the case of a violin. And they use a wallpaper background with a boarded floor to create an environment in which the case sits. The colorful background t does not feel static because of the rough edges. This feature also allows the central design to fade out. This engages and transitions the background of the page in space. It also makes it resizable while still maintaining the integrity of the design. Hanging the logo on sign from a string is an interesting way to present their brand— it gives it a feel that is reminiscent of both practice rooms and classrooms. They also pay a good of attention to the type. They use a combination of ornamental, blocky, and handwritten text. The ornamental type evokes connotations of classic music; the blocky colorful type resembles alphabet blocks or a kid’s poster, and the site map (which is set in script) resembles a kid’s handwriting. The design is carefully considered.

Moreover, the interactive links have seamless transitions in the manner they present the enclosed information. The first link on the left is the coolest. It presents an interactive page that unfolds like a manuscript of music. Set on it, there is an orchestral seating chart with a spotlight that highlights the area you select with your mouse.