I got behind, but here is my Lion animation!

Blog Post 4

Probably one of the most intense interactive experiences that I ever had was produced for The Arcade Fire by Chris Milk. The Website is called “The Wilderness Downtown” and it’s one of the most palpable examples that I have of saying to myself “I want to build that. Not something else, I want to know how to make that. The rich technology, the beautiful artistry, and the fantastic multi-layered music, combined with user input and personalization just makes my head spin. I’ve tried dissecting it a few times and it just constantly escapes my understanding.

Blog Post 5

I’ve never had much of a chance to travel, sadly. Being part of a lower middle class family, I started working when I was 10, and have spent a lot of my young adulthood having to do things on my own ticket. Most of my traveling has been driving to local places for short trips.

When I was a highschooler, before I had desk jobs and college, I had a particular love for backpacking. West Virginia was close and full of gorgeous unsullied wilderness, and my reminiscence of those times are warm and dusky memories: waking up surrounded by leaf litter and the peculiar cleanliness of virgin soil, breaking the crest of a mountain ridge and feeling the playful breeze that couldn’t find its way down the tree studded mountainside, drinking greedily of a burbling spring that fed a tiny and frigid creek that winded its way through the loam and over pebbles.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to take an expenses trip paid to Ireland. While I was in awe of the old stone structures and landmarks that our tour regularly took us too, the unbridled joy that poured into me like a torrent while I stood at the top of a heather capped peak, surrounded by the sea and rivers and a milk white sky will innervate me for a long time.

My ultimate hope is to be able to take a trip to New Zealand. The pictures that I see are enough to make me wistful.