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For the blog, I’m going to talk about these four talent agency websites.
This was probably my favorite website mainly because of the homepage. I really enjoyed the background, logo, and the simplicity of it. United Talent’s website has welcoming colors, an interesting background, and the navigation is simple to use and see the text. Normally, white text on black backgrounds are hard to read but this site does well with making it easy to read because of the colors used around the page.

This website, unlike United Talent, doesn’t have much of a background that you can see (well at least not on my laptop). It also jumps right to the point with many different agencies on the homepage along with a navigation to search for what you need. This can be successful because people who come to the website don’t have to navigate through link after link to find what they need. However, it’s a lot less interesting and less appealing to the eye than the first site.

This site was very overwhelming to me, solely because of the left column that seems to make you have to scroll for miles…and miles… It has some good parts to it (such as the use of photos along with text to accompany them) but it also has some bad parts (such as the huge block of text in the center column). Another thing I didn’t like was how small the navigation bar was. If the photos/text on the left hand column were maybe divided into two columns, I feel it’d be more successful.

This website, like United Talent, was very easy to navigate through and was welcoming (in my opinion). Although it’s very simple and easy to use, I feel as if more imagery could benefit the page. It was just a little boring to me. It was, however, very professional feeling with how crisp the page was set up and the text faces that were used. I also enjoyed how no matter where you navigated to through the page, the contact number was clearly seen in all of them to draw peoples’ eyes to it.