Here is my isotope! (Ummm for some reason it loads in my browser 10% larger than it does when I preview from DreamWeaver. So Just zoom out once to see how its supposed to look– there’s supposed to be 4 rows of 7.)


I want to critique Natalie’s isotope. I think that she did a beautiful job setting this up. I really like her use of a the paint peeling in the background. It’s fun and colorful, and it adds some quirkiness to the page. I like how engaging her sorting filters are. Also, the work she is displaying is really nice to look at as well. I like the rectangular shape of her blocks instead of the square. Some of the images get cut off though. I was having the same trouble trying to figure out how I could click and get the full image to display and not just a larger square. I still haven’t figured out either, but it would be a cool feature. In terms of improving he website…I think the text for the filter is a little touch to read because the letters are so bold and closely kearned. Also, I would try to figure out why the last sort filter does not line up with its heading. Also the “Natalie Reed” logo is cool but it feels kind of odd being centered. If it were my website I would also include some links that go outside of the page because it feels a little trapped right now. Overall, I am really impressed!!