Here’s my isotope.


For my blog post, I’ll be critiquing Natalie Reed’s parallax from homework assignment 5. Here’s the link to it. What I really liked about her parallax was the background pictures she used. She found really good quality photos that emphasized what she was trying to draw attention to. I also really liked the font she used in the “Happy Holidays” that shows across the center of each frame. That particular font is easy to read and the use of a snowflake as the dot for the “i” is very creative. Things that could improve are the legibility of the fonts in the lower left hand corner, especially for slide 4. Also, I noticed in the last slide, she wrote “Lovel” instead of “Lovely” which is an easy fix. Overall though, I really enjoyed the parallax and the “Warm Thoughts” slide was my favorite because she used more than one image scrolling through (gloves, cookies, hot chocolate). I do think the turkey picture could be taken out though.