The first of the four talent placement agency sites I found is located here. I think the overall design is clean but the color palette could use a few spots of vibrance instead of being completely subdued and muddy. There are also a few legibility problems on the site, mostly with their image slider where headlines have a harsh and distracting text shadow applied to them. The second site I am comparing is here. This site is more successful than the previous in that it has a more exciting, vibrant color palette but its logo is fairly plain and lackluster and I’m not crazy about the shade of green that they chose. Some of the images that are displayed below the fold (mainly the social media icons and the “We Made the List” image) are low resolution and I think custom social media icons that enforce their color palette would help to really tie the site together. The third site is found here and I think it is marginally more successful than the previous. It has a nice clean design with a nice color palette and a consistent design throughout. The site is very text-heavy though and could use more images to add interest to its pages. Finally, this gem is the first result for a Google search consisting of “talent placement agency.” I think it speaks for itself but the jumping (falling?) construction worker is a nice touch.