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I love this article!! Power to the People!!!! Writing has always been very important to me: creative writing, poetic writing, lyrical writing, academic writing, personal reflections, and just general written communication. I typically imagine myself as having an audience whenever I write, and as a result I pay great attention to the cohesiveness of what I am writing, as well as my articulation and grammar. I love reading this article because it excites me to think of all the people who are sharing their ideas and expressing themselves. A greater outpouring and distribution of ideas has the potential to impact cross-cultural understanding and help bridge the gaps between our different, yet collective, human experiences. Moreover, the more people write, the more articulate they become, and this may increase a thirst for knowledge and a desire for better education systems internationally. Also, it is validating to know you have an audience when you write, which in turn adds more value to the expression of your ideas. This validation can lead to people searching for alternative solutions to their issues, rather than resorting to violence. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but these seemingly insignificant shifts have great power as they multiply, expand, and increase their reach to different demographics. Butterfly-effect-esque. And I say Power to the People (intentional caps) because we’re writing more than government! Okay, 90% of it may be crap, but the same ‘law’ applies to the government’s writing.

This is what I’m talking about: “accelerating the creation of new ideas and the advancement of global knowledge.” Hell yea!