I thought this article was interesting because it puts a number on something so many of us think of as intangible. When you think about making a living as an artist it seems kind of like a nightmare. While 1,000 people seems like a lot to me, I know in this digital age so many people have 1,000′s of followers. I wonder though if true fans even exist in this age anymore though. It’s a different world where you can reach more people, but in a less personal way. I feel like people are less committed and more worried about their own internet persona. Also, I worry I’m the sort of person the article notes as not wanting to interact with 1,000 fans. I think I would need a mediator. But if I had 1,000 people following me I might have more confidence to produce more work. This definitely gives me more motivation to keep up with a blog and instagram etc. because it really can start your career. This article was awesome with the way it combined some basic economic ideas and facts with the crazy art market.